Home News 3 Dog Breeds That Get On Incredibly Well With Your Cat In Australia.

3 Dog Breeds That Get On Incredibly Well With Your Cat In Australia.

3 Dog Breeds That Get On Incredibly Well With Your Cat In Australia.

In Australia, the top 2 pets that people choose to have in their homes are dogs and cats. However, history seems to have taught us that these 2 pets do not like each other and cannot be kept in the same room together without mayhem taking place. This is not the case and if you bring a new puppy and a kitten into your home for the first time, they will get along fine and grow up together as friends. But what about if you have a full grown cat, but you would really like to get a dog? Well, there are some breeds of dogs that seem to get on better with cats and cats with them and we will explore some of those breeds here today.

However, before bringing any new animal home, you need to insure that they are going to get the best care possible in their new home. One way to make sure that this happens is to get the right pet insurance for it. There are a number of pet insurance reviews in Australia that you will find online from other pet owners and these will be your best guide on what kind of pet insurance to get for your new animal. Pet insurance ensures that your pet will get the best care possible in the event that it gets sick and your decisions won’t be swayed on how much this is all going to cost you. Your insurance will cover the majority of it.

As mentioned previously, here are some of the breeds of dogs that get on especially well with your cat.

  1. Beagles are a pack animal and so typically get on well with other animals including cats. They are very easy going and it isn’t unusual to see a cat curled up with this breed of dog and both animals happily having their afternoon nap. These types of dogs like to have companions and they don’t differentiate between cats and dogs and that’s great news if you want to have both.
  2. The British Bulldog looks like a mean dog, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This breed is so easy going to the point that it wouldn’t hurt a fly. They are so friendly and they get on pretty well with cats. If the cat doesn’t bother them, then they won’t bother the cat. They want an easy existence and everything that goes along with that.
  3. A Golden Retriever is the dog that most families choose to be their breed of pet. They are known for their playfulness and great temperament around kids and other animals. They enjoy a bit of fun and it isn’t strange to see one trying to play with a cat that is less than interested. It will surely get on well with your feline friend.

These are some of the numerous dog breeds that get along with cats and so with the right pet insurance, you can have your cake and eat it too.