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3 PPC Marketing Metrics That Actually Matter


Making PPC marketing campaigns is a calculated risk. You are expected to be a wiz at undertaking keyword and ad promotion when entering this field. Instead of this, we have for you practical tips on how to boost your AdWords promotion and give you profit for mileage on keyword-ad combinations.

  1. First of all, try to include keywords that range from 3-6 words. The more you will incorporate words in a keyword, or key phrase, the more targeted the keyword will be for the category.

For example, there is a substantial notable difference between “keyword research” and “keyword research tool.” If you are the person who will be carrying out the search, some people would want to look for “keyword research,” which would specifically look for “keyword research tool.”

  1. Next is not to spend away money and get rid of the broad match type in using keywords. While this would make more traffic, you could often; it could be discovered that because of Adwords’ extended broad matching”, many terms which could not be related may come in.

Not unless you would be researching more names, you should not get rid of money on keywords that you do not pre-qualify. Make sure you have undergone thorough keyword research before going through a keyword campaign. Consulting keyword research tools such as KeywordSpy would help.

KeywordSpy, in particular, would go to the length of suggesting related and similar keywords, and even misspelled ones that would be in favor of up and coming sites. A good recommendation is to utilize phrase, with negatives, or exact match. In this manner, you know what you will get for your money.

  1. You have to make sure you also monitor the Search & Content Networks of Adwords. Always check the campaign settings to check if the Search network and Content network will be turned on. Once the campaign is headed to a stable CTR, Position, and Return, you could test the search network to see if it would return a value.

Some of the benefits of PPC Marketing are mentioned below:

  • Search engines won’t charge to place or run your ad. You only pay for the users that click through on the ad.
  • Pay per click campaigns can give small businesses a significant profit. With the right campaign management, a PPC campaign can drive enormous relevant and profitable traffic to your website.
  • The research, set up and operation cycle of pay-per-click campaigns can take place in just a few hours, whereas natural search engine rankings can take weeks or months to gain desired rankings. Pay Per Click campaign results are immediate meaning the day your ad is placed the clicks to your website begin.

Metrics such as the effectiveness of keywords, including traffic generated per keyword, also keyword conversions, and many more measurements provide users with the data to alter campaigns almost in real-time.

This allows you to respond very quickly to either good or bad performing ads. Unlike a printed piece, the delay time of judging ads effectiveness is hours not weeks and modifying an advertisement can be accomplished in minutes. PPC management is critical in making your strategies to work.