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4 Important Questions to Ask your Personal Injury Lawyer

4 Important Questions to Ask your Personal Injury Lawyer

Most people who have ever suffered severe injuries in auto crashes have no idea about the Texas State laws regarding these issues. Probably this is the first time you have ever wanted to hire an attorney, which is an essential decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

If you have been involved in an auto crash, your Austin personal injury lawyer can be your advocate and a representative throughout the entire process of securing fair compensation for the losses you suffered. When hiring an attorney, ensure that you get a professional you can trust and with whom you can converse freely and effectively. Here are some of the important questions you should ask your preferred attorney before hiring.

1. Do you provide confidential and free case review?

A knowledgeable and reputable attorney will offer you an opportunity to discuss your case details for free. Note that this is a confidential evaluation that can give you a chance to ask preliminary questions and find out if filing a lawsuit is necessary. Before you hire an attorney, it is recommended to speak to the right lawyer who will handle your case rather than a case manager or paralegal.

2. How much time are you likely to spend on my case?

The attorney’s response will depend on the complexity of your case and probably the extent of your injuries and property damages attributed to the accident. It can take the attorney a few weeks, months or even years to resolve the case. Make sure that the personal injury attorney you plan to hire has enough time and other necessary resources to handle your case.

3. What’s my case worth?

Sometimes, this is a challenging question to respond to as each case is very different and each individual’s injuries vary. Generally, the value of a specific personal injury case depends on the extent of injuries and other damages. It also depends on the impact on the victim throughout their life.

Though your attorney can never guarantee or make promises regarding the level of compensation to which you might be entitled, a good attorney can offer you an estimate of the damages that are realistic for your situation.

3. How much do you charge for your services?

Most personal injury attorneys represent their customers on a contingency fee basis. That implies that you don’t have to pay fees to the attorney unless you have recovered damages in your claim. If you win the case, your attorney will be entitled to a certain percentage of the compensation amount. Therefore, it is important to agree on this percentage amount prior to hiring the professional.

4. What will happen if I lose the case?

Ask your attorney what’s likely to happen if you lose your case. Some attorneys charge for all costs they advance in relation to your particular case. These costs include the expenses incurred during evidence collection and court filing fees. Find out whether or not your attorney will be responsible for these cots in case you lose your case.

Keep in mind that hiring the right personal injury attorney is important to your case. These four questions will help you to determine whether or not the attorney you want to hire can be helpful.