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5 Free Things to Do in New Jersey

5 Free Things to Do in New Jersey

For the traveler who is always looking for free things to do to not only save money but also to really take advantage of their trip destinations while traveling in RV rentals, New Jersey is a great spot for budget-friendly fun.

To help you with fun things to do as you take care of the finer details of trip planning, like RV rentals, we’ve compiled some of our top favorite things to do in New Jersey. You won’t have to spend money to have a good time.

New Jersey is a favorite for those who have had a little too much of the hustle and bustle of NYC or for those who want to explore the natural spots in this gorgeous state. In fact, New Jersey is extremely beautiful during the autumn season, so if you happen to be passing through during the fall, it’s a great time to spend time outside.

Fun and Free

  1. Go hiking at Maurice River Bluffs. New Jersey is beautiful and fantastic for hikers. One spot that is a favorite for many is Maurice River Bluffs. If you’re a die-hard hiker, this may not be a challenging experience but it is a pleasant one. A short loop through the Maurice River Bluffs allows you to enjoy views of the water and be blessed with wildlife sighting (mostly birds, don’t worry).
  2. Go kayaking to see NYC from the water. Okay, most of the time, one would have to spend money on a kayak, but you can actually use one for free from the Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse. As you can imagine, you’ll want to make sure to look into this activity beforehand, as there are most likely many more people also hoping to kayak for free. If you’re lucky and snag yourself a free kayak, you can bet it’s going to be an amazing experience seeing the Big Apple from a kayak in the river.

3.Body surf at Crystal Beach. You don’t have to go to Florida to enjoy days “surfing.” While you may not actually find the best breaks ever for surfing at Crystal Beach, it’s a great spot for some body surfing fun. Crystal Beach is a favorite for families and surfers alike, and with life guards on duty most of the time, you can sit back and have a good time while enjoying the beach responsibly and best of all, for free.

4.Visit Spruce Run State Park. If your soul needs a bit of nature and you want to enjoy one of the loveliest parks in the state, head on over to Spruce Run State Park for some time appreciating the local beauty. While you may have to spend a few dollars on admission, you can rest assured that this minor cost will be worth the abundance of free park space to explore. From rivers to forests, you’ll have your fill of natural beauty to appreciate as you hike along the Highlands Trail. You can enjoy the lake as well, if you’re traveling with kids. There are campsites in Spruce Run State Park and while you will have to pay to stay there, you’ll have a free natural playground for your kids to enjoy. Whether they want to swim in the lake or bike on the trails, it’s a great spot to spend time in the great outdoors.

  1. Check out the local museums. If you’re less of an outdoor person and more of an indoor, history person, you’ll love how many interesting museums there are in New Jersey. From the Heritage Glass Museum to the Howell’s Living History Farm, you’ll discover how many great things there are to learn about in this northern state. Did you know that the Princeton University Art Museum actually has a large collection of art, ranging from different styles, both old pieces and new ones as well? It’s free admission, so you can easily enjoy some of the most interesting pieces in the country.

In Conclusion

New Jersey is a beautiful state and has an abundance of things to do, whether you like to spend time outside or are more of an indoor person. While there will be some costs on your trip, you will also find how many free things can be enjoyed.

As you consider your activities in New Jersey, consider the above-mentioned places and things to do while in the area. It’s full of natural beauty, interesting and iconic buildings and museums, and provides visitors with a variety of fun to be had.

As you start looking for RV rentals for your road trip, make sure to put these things on your itinerary for an unforgettable trip. Whether you’re traveling with kids or friends and family, there is always something free to enjoy in New Jersey.