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5 Local delicacies to try in Ahmedabad

5 Local delicacies to try in Ahmedabad

On your way to Ahmedabad? Or maybe you have just booked your Ahmedabad to Delhi connecting flight ticket. Once your flight lands your mind starts running out of the airport and to the streets of the new place, while you are still waiting for your luggage at the airport. “What would I do during my stay in Ahmedabad? How should I spend my time here?” Your mind starts racing like a bullet train waiting for you to go out and explore.

Well, if that sounds like you, then you need not worry. Whether you are a hardcore foodie or wish to calm your grumbling tummy before you set on to sightseeing, you are in for quite a food time in Ahmedabad! Let us start with the 5 most famous and must-try foods in Ahmedabad.

  1. Fafda jalebi

You cannot choose between sweet and savory; why not have both? Fafda jalebi, the sweet and savory concoction is a traditional local snack and is enjoyed on Dussehra every year. If you want to go for something light yet fulfilling your stomach and senses, you should try the exquisite fafda jalebi during your stay in Ahmedabad.

  1. Dhokla

The world’s most famous dish in Ahmedabad, dhokla is the perfect snack for diet-conscious foodies or people who want to grab something light on the way. This juicy dhokla is served with green chili chutney and tangy tamarind chutney brings mouth-watering flavors. You will find various restaurants and street food stalls serving this healthy delicacy all over Ahmedabad or in the airport area while on your way from Ahmedabad to Delhi flight.

  1. Khaman

Well, the looks and the presentation might confuse you between Dhokla and Khaman. But it is the basic composition of gram flour batter that makes all the tasty difference. Another food gem of Gujarat, khaman is popular among the natives and tourists alike. And if you cannot wait to taste the flavors of Ahmedabad or are too hungry to go out and eat, you can savor tasty khaman at the airport once your Delhi to Ahmedabad flight has landed.

  1. Dal vada

Who doesn’t like munching over crispy, spicy, flavor snacks? Similar to Pakodas of Delhi, Dal Vadas are popular among natives and attract tourists due to their soft yet crispy flavors. Served with onions and green chutney, dal vada makes a perfect tea-time snack on your stroll to the city. Or if you are craving something light and tasty in between your meals, nibble over these crispy lentil balls to satisfy your taste buds.

  1. Bhuna Gosht

If you think the street food of Ahmedabad only serves vegan delicacies you are in for a spicy surprise. This delicious mutton dish is a treat for non-veg lovers on their trip to Ahmedabad. Savor as a snack or have a fulfilling meal; you can try this non-veg delicacy the way you want.

Your time in Ahmedabad will feel like a festival of colors and culture, and food is an integral part of it. So, when you are booking a flight ticket to Ahmedabad make sure you take out time to enjoy the food culture of Ahmedabad. Have a happy and tasty flight!