Home Business 7 Super Smart Tips To Hire A Photographer For Business Portraits!

7 Super Smart Tips To Hire A Photographer For Business Portraits!

7 Super Smart Tips To Hire A Photographer For Business Portraits!

Your company honchos and the top management executives deserve to get seen for the work they do. From company websites to in-house magazines, annual reports, and social media profiles, these people need representation, which must be a visual treat for the viewer/reader. Getting business portraits done is a different experience than that of shooting headshots. In the nutshell, business portraits photography requires different lighting, setup, and a more professional approach to the job. If you are looking for the best services, here are the 7 tips you need to follow.

  • Consider the volume. If you need more than ten business portraits, the project will take time, and it is important to hire a service that can handle that kind of volume.

  • Look for known corporate photographers. A corporate photographer knows his job and understands the balance between glamorous and professional photos. Make sure that you hire someone who is well versed about the work involved.
  • Check their website. Most corporate photography services have their own websites, which should offer a sneak peek into their work. If they haven’t taken great portraits and headshots for their team, you have reasons to look for other options.
  • Review their work. You cannot hire a photographer, unless you have reviewed and checked some of the work samples they have done so far. From headshots to group photos, they must know the art of clicking images in the corporate world.
  • Ask for references. If a company claims to have a good number of clients and years of working experience, they will never step back from sharing client references. Always get references and call up a few.
  • Know their team. Many known photographers work as a team, because taking corporate photos, headshots and portraits requires considerable effort and teamwork. You may want to know the people working specifically for your project.

  • Costing matters. Most services charge for each profile, which is around $150 for headshots or less, and about $200 for business portraits. It depends on other factors, as well, such as the location, setup required, and post production work. While you can always negotiate, make sure to have a contract in place.

Finally, do ask the photographer and his team as how long it would take to get the photos, which shouldn’t be more than a week in the ideal case. Check online now for services and don’t forget to check all kinds of corporate photography work they have done.