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A Guide to the All Terrain Vehicle

A Guide to the All Terrain Vehicle

The ATV is widely used, especially in the vast expanses of Australian rural areas, where people need to traverse all kinds of terrain, and under the umbrella of the term ‘ATV’ there are a few variations of this versatile 4-wheel, go-anywhere vehicle. The term ‘quad’ is used in the UK, where it is more for sport and recreation, whereas here in Australian, many farmers would be lost without their workhorse ATVs.

Adventure Utility ATV

Take the Yamaha 2019 Viking, which is the ultimate ROV with comfort and performance, and you can carry two passengers in this amazing vehicle, which has 2WD and 4WD (with limited slip diff). If you would like to take a look at the specs, a Google search will take you to your local Yamaha dealer’s website, where you can book a test ride.

Industry Specific

The mining and geology sectors both use ATVs that carry passengers, as it is often necessary for them to visit a site together, and with a comfortable ride at any rpm, the Yamaha range ticks all the boxes from a commercial perspective. If you need to get specialists out in the field, a 4WD ATV is the perfect solution.

Three Wheel ATVs

The 3-wheeler preceded the ATV, and in some industries, is still preferred over the quad, and with a skilled rider, you can really cover some ground, which is the kind of thing park rangers have to do. There are clubs in Australia with moto-cross trikes that are super-powerful and frightening to ride, but generally speaking, the quad is now the vehicle of choice.

Leisure Use

If you love the outback, an ATV offers an exciting way to get around, indeed, groups like to connect and go trailing, especially on sand dunes. If you’re thinking of getting an ATV, Yamaha have the best range of machines, and you could start off with a used quad, until you become proficient and can choose a suitable ATV. If you go to Yamaha’s website, you can easily book a test ride on any of their amazing fleet, plus they have great finance terms, making it very affordable.


Like any vehicle, the ATV requires servicing at mileage intervals, and keeping the machine clean between rides is a must, and if you would prefer a mechanic to carry out the maintenance, the supplier would offer such a service.

The ATV offers a unique experience and once you become an accomplished rider, you can really have some fun.