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A Memorable Trip to the Miracle Sites of Yogyakarta

A Memorable Trip to the Miracle Sites of Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is the central point of Indonesia’s cultural traditions. Did you know that it is also the gateway to the most breathtaking beaches full of unstoppable adventures in the Southeast nation in the Asian continent? The country hosts a multitude of volcanic islands, stunning beaches, Komodo dragons, and hundreds of ethnic groups with speaking over 700 different languages. When you need some exhilarating fun and adventure, Yogyakarta can be the perfect place to begin. You can do the popular sand surfing, climbing cliffs, walking along suspension bridges and much more.

If you need to get more out of your trip, ensure that you take your time exploring various parts of Indonesia. Visit different places and stay in different locations to explore more about the country’s culture and history. For example, Yogyakarta is a destination you will find wonders and miracles in real time. Talking of miracles, the Jomblang cave is a natural miracle in itself. The Prambanan Temple is an architectural and cultural miracle in the Hindu community. When touring these sites, you will begin with an aggressive step that requires courage but will excite your eyes. You will discover some of Indonesian most significant caves, Jomblang and Grubug. Vast, dense forests surround these caves.

Are you ready for an SRT technique? Single Rope Technique is used to descend to the Jomblang cave entrance. Qualified instructors experienced in caving techniques offer assistance and training to overcome this dreadful challenge. Once you complete this 20-meter high escapade to the deepest parts of the earth, you will be able to experience the wonders of Jomblang cave right before your eyes. It is without a doubt that these beautiful views will be permanently impacted into your memory for many years.

Additionally, along with your trip, you will be able to come across the Grubug cave which is connected with the Jomblang cave with a 300-meter alley. What your eyes will experience will be wowing. A fascinating 90-meter light pillar also popularly known as the “light from heaven” will leave you speechless. This is the right moment to take a memorable photo.

These stunning sights are something out of this world. The cave spans a diameter of fifteen meters and one hundred meters depth. Furthermore, you will be amazed by the underground river that runs inside the cave. This river combined with the pillar of light provides a strange but fantastic scenery that you probably never seen before in your entire life.

From the caves, your tour will lead to the next wonder of Yogyakarta – the Pramban Temple. This site temple represents the largest temple in Hindu history. It was also the UNESCO World Heritage Site built in the 10th century. This temple was constructed and dedicated to the great Hindu divinities including Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu. The temple is a massive complex consisting of 240 sub-temples.

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