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Accredited Online Law Schools


Individuals who look for accredited online law schools in america might have trouble finding one. This is because there aren’t any accredited web-based law schools whatsoever in the united states. Because of various reasons, the Aba doesn’t accredit online law schools.

However it doesn’t mean that the online degree in law wouldn’t be useful to rehearse law. The condition of California permits students who’ve completed sufficient quantity of classes in non-accredited online law schools to sit down for that bar exam. Other states in america however permit only law graduates from accredited law schools to consider the bar exam. Law graduates from web-based law schools in California may also take the bar in other states after they practice law in California for 5 to 7 years.

All online degree programs in law are tailored to match individuals with work and family commitments who’d be unable to attend a normal school. A web-based course also provides people the ability to pursue the program in their own pace straight from their house. Individuals with no use of a normal school near to them may also take advantage of a web-based degree course.

Online Law Schools

Abraham Lincoln subsequently College

ALU supplies a Juris Physician (J.D.) degree program. Students must however pass the California Bar Examination to be able to practice law within the condition. To learn more, please contact the college of Law Admissions Office at 213-252-5100.

Concord Online Law Degree Programs

Concord offers two online programs – Juris Physician (JD) and Executive Juris Physician (EJD). The Concord online JD degree is really a four-year, part-time program. Graduates of the degree program can use for admittance to the Condition Bar of California. The internet EJD program is really a three-year, part-time program that gives a core of mandatory courses after which offers students the choice to select a training program tailored for their needs.