Home Automotive Accurate Guidelines on buying a used Hyundai i20

Accurate Guidelines on buying a used Hyundai i20

Accurate Guidelines on buying a used Hyundai i20

The premium hatchback by Hyundai has been present in the market for a period now. Therefore, there are plenty of them who are quite up for the grabs in such pre – owned market for cars.

A brief description of the Hyundai i20

This car managed to venture into such a space where it was possible for it to challenge the sedans through its attractive premium features, styling and its choice of variables. The Hyundai i20 is available with the 1.2 liters of petrol which is mated to the manual transmission of 5 – speed. Again, it is available with 1.4 liters of diesel, which is mated to a manual transmission of six – speed. Lastly, there is also an option of 1.4 liters of petrol serving a 4 – speed along with an automatic gearbox. The Hyundai i20 is available with a lengthy list of features and also the fact that the establishment of the brand name Hyundai as the manufacturing company will not give a chance to its customers to be disappointed by its features.

The performance of the Hyundai i20 on the Road

I20 is a good car when it is about being free of any hassle and pampering. The petrol of the i20 car manages to dish out at a limit of 84PS; however, the diesel of the i20 car manages to churn 90PS that stay under the hood and again, the automatic i20 brags the highest of the output proving with a 100PS.

Guidelines regarding booking a used Hyundai i20

Whenever you are in the venture of booking a used Hyundai i20, you will need to take care of certain things so as to make sure that your purchase doesn’t go wrong. Such cars are mostly maintained very poorly by not getting a chance to go through a proper history of servicing or might have been in a few accidents. Once you pass through the sifting process by selecting the good ones, you will have to face the paperwork involved in buying a used Hyundai i20. This car is a very popular one in the market. Every spare required for any damage to the used car will be easily available in the market.

A few things to check or spot in a used Hyundai i20 is as follows:

  • Start off in the car with the clutch and the pressure plates which have run over almost 50,000kms.
  • Check the brakes and the other essential parts of the used car.