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Beginners’ Guide to Enterprise Mobility Solutions


The mixture of processes, people and technology which concentrates on the treating of various connectivity options appropriate for enterprise-wide use for example mobility software as well as other cellular devices known as as Enterprise Mobility. Solutions made to provide Enterprise-wide mobility regardless of the place or situation of users are broadly considered Enterprise Mobility Solutions. Utilizing their software expertise, third party software developers can modify an organization’s mobility center right into a centralized location made up of software and hardware components, people in addition to various support abilities. The aim of Enterprise Mobility Solutions would be to ensure seamless communication from the organization using its stake holders including contractors, partners, vendors and employees.

Key Advantages of Enterprise Mobility Methods to organizations operating in a variety of industries are:

• Improved worker productivity

• Elevated ease of access

• Improved customer care and gratification

• Streamlined communications

• Reduced operational costs

• Better Information Security

• Elevated sales revenues

• Competitive differentiation of brand name

• Reduced sales cycles

• Reduction in overall personnel costs

• Improved Customer perception of the trademark

The platforms generally employed for deploying such solutions are Blackberry, Android, Home windows, iPhone/iOS and Symbian. A lot of companies presently concentrate on developing solutions according to Android, iPhone/iOS and Symbian platforms for his or her clients on the situation by situation basis because of the current recognition from the platforms. Current application areas for Enterprise Mobility Solutions include:

• Email

• Calendar and Contacts

• Im (IM)

• Crm

• Enterprise Telephony

• ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

• Sales Pressure Automation (SFA)

• Business Intelligence (dashboards)

• Document Management and

• Human Sources (HR)

Despite of many benefits supplied by Enterprise Mobility Solutions, organizations will also be worried about certain aspects for example security and the price of applying such solutions. Aside from these 4 elements, implementation of these solutions can also be adversely impacted by the possible lack of awareness concerning the capacity of these mobility methods to further current operations of the organization. However, many developers not just assist you to identify and implement the Enterprise Mobility Solutions appropriate for the enterprise, but additionally exceed implementation and help you to solve any issues arising within the publish-implementation phase.

Key Options that come with Enterprise Mobility Solution supplied by key Offshore Software Development Centres in India are:


Bearing in mind the sensitive nature of corporate data, most solutions deployed by third party software providers are planned, implemented in addition to maintained by means of secure solutions accessible only by approved personnel for example clients, partners, employees and vendors.

Self Service

The solutions are made to ensure accessibility to necessary information to approved users via a self-service mechanism. The inclusion of these self-service features into mobility solutions eliminate human intervention and lower the resource strain faced by organizations.

Broad Access

Enterprise solutions ensure secure use of critical business data regardless of the mobility device (desktops, laptops, tablet Computers or smartphones) open to the consumer or user location. Measures will also be come to future-proof such solutions and be sure data ease of access through any new mobility devices, that might emerge within the recent future.

Resource Pooling

Most such solutions facilitate pooling of shared sources to be used by various stakeholders of the organization including vendors, partners and employees. Furthermore, developers also make sure that ease of access to such pooled sources is location-independent and offers similar consumer experience no matter information source or user location.

Metered Services

Some Enterprise Mobility Solutions have a “pay per use” model, which enables the organisation to charge its users for that data or voice services provided by way of the answer. In this model, resource usage including voice some time and data usage are instantly monitored, reported in addition to controlled through the mobility platform implemented through the organization.

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