Home Law Can You Claim Compensation For a Hit and Run Accident?

Can You Claim Compensation For a Hit and Run Accident?

Can You Claim Compensation For a Hit and Run Accident?

Have you or a relative suffered from a hit and run accident? Still wondering how you can get compensation for the damage suffered? Drivers are required by law to protect passengers and other road users. However, when this responsibility is breached, the victim has a right to seek compensation. However, most road accidents are hit and run accidents where the driver fails to stop at the scene, to escape liability. What do you do in case of a hit and run accident?

Gather the necessary information

The first step after an accident is to consider your wellbeing. A hit and run accident can be distressing. However, the first step should be to call 999 immediately. It is also crucial to gather as much information as possible about the incident. If possible, make sure to write down the car’s registration number. It is also important to gather witnesses; their names, addresses and contact details.

Take images

You need images of the accident scene to prove the accident. You may either take the images with your phone or request your witnesses to do so, if you are injured. These photos are crucial in compensation claims as they boost your winning chances.

Report to the police

Any accident should be reported to the police immediately or within 5 days of an accident. Before you start the compensation claim case, make sure that you have a report from the police. It is advisable that you report to the nearby police station.

Seek medical attention

Your well-being should be your first priority. Make sure that you receive a medical report detailing your injuries. A professional doctor will also advise you on the best treatment. Make sure that all the medical expenses are recorded in the medical report.

Hire a personal injury solicitor

Accident compensation claims are very complicated. You are supposed by law to prove the negligence of the car’s driver in the accident. Without legal assistance, you are likely to lose the case, despite suffering physical injury. There are thousands of personal injury solicitors that can help you in compensation claims.

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You no longer have to suffer physical, financial and physiological damage in silence. Although some damage may be permanent, you can still get relieved of the pain by seeking compensation. Let a personal injury solicitor handle the case as you concentrate on your day-to-day life.