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Without doubt, a company’s progress and growth directly rely on its workforce. A great, intelligent and difficult-working workforce can also add a great deal to the development from the organization. However, it’s stated that human power continues to be overpowered by computers along with other machines, but it’s in the end a person who’s operating each one of these machines. One of these simple human sources is really a company secretary that does not has only clerical administrative skills, but additionally owns the understanding on corporate law, corporate governance, security laws and regulations and capital markets.

Although, the task responsibilities are nearly same in each and every organization, however it can vary based on the needs of the organization and also the field the individual works in. In the initial phase of commercial and business development, the task of the secretary was preferred just for women population however, male human population is also giving the same competition within the race to obtain a job of Company Secretary.

Responsibilities and Required an assistant:

Within an organization, the function of each and every worker from the top to the lower level management has to carry out a crucial job in the own way, however a secretary needs to execute her/his use colleagues at the levels. The profile of the secretary isn’t limited only up to and including particular task she’s the one that fills the communication gap between your managers and also the employees from the organization. A few of the major responsibilities of the secretary include maintaining your board of company directors and stakeholders updated about any meeting and agenda, creating a detailed note from the proceedings from the entire meeting, and handling other documentary work. Conveying information towards the employees concerning the minute records contributing to the choice drawn in the meeting can also be among the activities that the secretary performs.

Qualification and Skills needed:

To obtain admission into this esteemed profile, one should possess a commerce background in twelfth standard, or he/she may obtain a Company Secretary (CS) course in the Institute of Company Secretary asia. When the student completes the CS course and turns into a registered person in the institute, he’ll be permitted to try to get the profile of company secretary in a variety of organizations and companies. In our scenario, individuals candidates who’ve a university degree on hands, and have a specialization inside a particular field or industry tend to be more preferred with this job. In addition to the paperwork and all sorts of, the candidate also needs to possess advanced and affective understanding from the latest software skills.

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