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Do You Need Toronto Impaired Driving Lawyer If You Get A DUI?

Do You Need Toronto Impaired Driving Lawyer If You Get A DUI?

 Perhaps, this is a common question many DUI offenders ask themselves when charged. However, does it really help to hire Toronto impaired driving lawyer in this case? Or do you think hiring one will lead to unnecessary expenses?

The answer to this question depends on two things; whether you are innocent and if you are in the position to cater for such expenses. But remember that if this is your first collision with the police, then you might be in for expensive process. So here are reasons why you should consider hiring Toronto impaired driving lawyer.

  1. Do You Need An Attorney?

Driving under the influence is a serious crime that could ruin your future and employment. Attorneys will advise you to hire an experienced Toronto impaired driving lawyer who has a good track record of defending drunk drivers. In doing so, your driver’s license may be saved, or your charges reduced or dismissed altogether. The phrase used here is ‘may,’ meaning that these attorneys can help you, or sometimes things fall apart.

There are circumstances where the impaired driving lawyer can plead for lesser charges, payment of fine or dismissal of the charges. This is mainly in case of reckless driving.

  1. Blood-Alcohol Level Decides Guilt.

 The Toronto law says if your alcohol level goes beyond the limit set which is 0.08 you can be found guilty of DUI. This doesn’t take to the account whether you were slurring your words or staggering. The BAC results are exclusively all that is needed to charge you of DUI. Regardless of whether you have an attorney, fines will be mandatory, your license will be lost, your insurance will skyrocket, and ultimately, you will face prosecution.

  1. Other Circumstances at the Time of DUI.

If there are side factors that could lead you to get an enhanced sentence, e.g., property damages, endangerment of children, repeat offense you may have “vexing circumstances” hiring Toronto impaired driving lawyer can help you alleviate some of these factors, but in some regions, those enhancements attract mandatory penalties-particularly for repeat offenders. So, in some cases, getting a lawyer may not be so helpful, if at all, in the future.

  1. Circumstances Where You Need an Impaired Driving Lawyer.

In the occasion when you know that you are innocent, e.g., you were not drunk at all but failed the test. In this event, you can get an impaired driving lawyer. Don’t try to present your case alone even if you know very well you are innocent. You need legal advice.

  1. Ways your Lawyer Can Help.

In most cases, lawyers ensure you are ready for the charges by offering you legal advice and letting you understand what is expected of you during the trial. He can also help you finalize on some requirements such as insurances. In short, your lawyer guides you through all the things he is very sure you will undergo. This is important before sentencing, so your driving privileges are not compromised.