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Errors People Make When Getting a Divorce

Errors People Make When Getting a Divorce

There aren’t that many people that plan to get divorced, but sadly it does occur. And when it does actually happen no one wishes to make any errors. So, let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes that are made during divorce proceedings:

Common errors when obtaining a divorce can include either one or both parties failing to consult a legal professional, concealing or dispersing assets, and in the worse cases using children as pawns in the proceedings. If somebody doesn’t comprehend either their legal rights or how their actions can affect the divorce, there’s a strong possibility of them ending up with an unfavourable financial and custody settlement. In the worst-case scenario, anyone who makes mistakes during a divorce can actually end up having to cope with criminal charges and alienation from their children.

An Exasperating and Stressful Experience

Getting a divorce is for most people an extremely stressful experience, and it is comprehensible that many people would prefer to put off dealing with the hard issues of divorce like asset division and who receives primary responsibility for the children. A divorce requires expert legal advice from MT UK Solicitors, who are able to help smooth everything out. For example, a couple may have agreed to divide their assets or prepare child custody in a way that may not be agreeable to one party, because one or both parties just might be ignorant of the law. Whilst many legal professionals encourage divorcing couples to work out a mutually agreeable settlement, the solicitors will step in and advise that their clients don’t do this until they can go over and check the client’s financial situation.

Another common error in getting a divorce is that of a partner concealing assets or debts. Most solicitors will help to get a total picture of a couple’s financial situation, so that they can advise clients on how the division of assets should be maintained. Unfortunately, some spouses have been known to lead separate financial lives where they either have extra money or investments set aside or some large debts. A failure to disclose this data during divorce proceedings might be seen as fraud and may result in criminal charges for the dishonest spouse.

From Bad to Worse

And then there are some spouses who make the error having a new romantic partnership during a divorce. This can seriously create friction between the divorcing parties, specifically should the same spouse introduce his new partner to his children. Courts will take a dim view of anything like this, and the distressed spouse may become vindictive, thus making the whole divorce process taking a lot longer than it would have.

If you have decided on going through with a divorce, it’s in your best interests to make things move smoothly by contacting professionals with the experience, who can then help guide you along the way and with the very best results.