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Get the Justice You Deserve After Medical Malpractice

Get the Justice You Deserve After Medical Malpractice

You trust your physician to provide you with advice and treatment that will make you well. The last thing you expect is to leave your doctor in a worse condition than when you first went to see them. Medical malpractice goes against everything the medical profession stands for. The bedrock ethical principle of every practicing physician is to “first, do no harm”. If your physician has caused additional injury or exacerbated the symptoms of your illness, then you should build up a case and sue.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice is injury that results from the negligence, incompetence, and recklessness of a medical professional. Diagnostic error, surgical error, and prescription error are the most prominent forms of it.

Improper care can cause you serious problems. Here are some examples.

Certain illnesses and diseases can be treated and resolved quickly if they are caught early enough. If you go to your physician with specific complaints and they do not correctly identify your malady, it can cause you prolonged pains and suffering.

The one thing you expect your surgeon to get right is the part of the body they are meant to operate on. Incredibly, there are surgeons who get this wrong. Such an error must be corrected, which will cost more money, time off work, and lost income.

Prescription error can be annoying and even deadly. Your physician should have enough pharmaceutical knowledge to prescribe you the right medicine. Giving you the wrong prescription can cause you unnecessary pain; it may even threaten your life if you have an allergic reaction.

The Costs of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice can lead to great upheaval in your life. If your doctor got it wrong, you will have to seek out another physician to correct their mistake and help you heal your original illness or injury. In addition to the medical expenses you will face, your very livelihood may come under threat. Prolonged and complex health problems can lead to poor work performance, and after a while your employer may just decide to let you go.

Getting Justice

You should not have to bear the financial cost of medical malpractice on your own. The person who caused it should be made to pay.

You need not file suit straightaway. Your lawyer will first approach the offending doctor’s insurance company. If they offer a settlement that is too low, then you will have to file suit. An experienced medical malpractice lawyer will know how to gather the evidence needed to help you win. They will interview nurses, colleagues, support staff, and former patients of the physician whose incompetence or negligence has caused you so much pain and grief. There are usually signs that such a person is not fit to be in the field, and your lawyer will gather the facts that prove it.

Your lawyer will also gather the medical records from your original physician and the ones who treated you afterward to demonstrate that your injuries were the direct consequence of medical malpractice.

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