Home Business Law Have You Met with Motorcycle Accident on The Road?

Have You Met with Motorcycle Accident on The Road?

Have You Met with Motorcycle Accident on The Road?

The consequence of any motorcycle accident can be really very serious, that may not only cripple you physically, but financially as well. Often after the motorcycle accident the scene can become chaotic and people forget to think rationally. If you were ever involved in such kind of accident then perhaps you can imagine the scenario.

Let us discuss in this small write up, what you must do, in case you are involved with such kind of unfortunate accident. The famous attorney for motorcycle accident Belluck and Fox advise you to do the following:

  • Ensure that people involved in the accident are okay

If you are in a position to move then make sure that all others who are affected due to motorcycle accidents are okay. In case, anyone needs first aid or medical attention then try to arrange for that or call any emergency services.

  • Do not block the road

Try to bring all people out of the road to safer place so that traffic is not blocked due to the accident. Use some signs or hazard lights to alert people, who are driving on the road.

  • Share vital information with other drivers involved in accident

Try to obtain name, address, contact number and license numbers of all the drivers and witnesses in the accident site along with vehicle color, model, make and plate numbers etc.

  • Call police and file report

If the accident is serious and severe damages of vehicle took place then call police and file a report about the accident.

  • Visit hospital if you are injured

If you are seriously injured then you must visit hospital to get yourself fully checked as some of the injuries like injury in the neck and back are not immediately visible. You can know about them only after few days.

  • Take note of everything about the accident

You must note every detail about the location of accident like lighting condition, weather, speed limits, road condition, direction of other vehicles involved in the accident etc. You may talk to various witnesses of the scene and note down their comments. Since our memory may quickly fade away note down as much as details possible.

  • Take photographs

Take the photographs of the accident scene and also motorcycle accident victims if you have the necessary facilities available with you.

  • Get a copy of police report

In case, you have to make insurance claim then police report is necessary and hence make a request to police so that he sends you a copy of the report. Police will generally send you the copy of the report within 10 working days.

  • Contact any lawyer

You must contact any professional lawyer who is expert in accidental insurance claims so that he can ensure that proper justice is done with you regarding your claim from insurance and also against any false allegation due to the accident.

Avoid doing the following:

  • Making statement to anyone other than police
  • Apologizing with other drivers
  • Signing at any others statement
  • Argue with others
  • Repair your vehicle before inspection by attorney and insurer.