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How Does The Lawyers of Distinction Membership Work?

How Does The Lawyers of Distinction Membership Work?

Founded back in 2014, Lawyers of Distinction has made real waves in the legal world. In an environment suffused with experienced lawyers, and experiencing a constant influx of freshly qualified youngsters looking to prove themselves, the legal community has a real problem with individuality and getting noticed. It’s a hugely competitive world, and there’s little in the way of proof when it comes to finding the perfect lawyer for your situation, or simply proving to the world how competent and skilled you are as a lawyer. That is, till Lawyers of Distinction came along.

With a large roster of the best lawyers across The States, featuring some of the very top legal talent in shortlists and directories, Lawyers of Distinction not only showcases the best lawyers, they publicise them too. It’s a quick, easy and relatively inexpensive way to get a little authority and publicity, without the crushing costs of advertising or digital marketing.

Their multi-faceted approach to both selecting and marketing their lawyers has proven a winning and powerful combination. Their selection and vetting process features a few different steps.

A big part of that vetting process is the selection committee. By maintaining an anonymous and unbiased selection committee, they guarantee that everyone has a fair and equal chance, and there’s no favouritism going on, and the process isn’t tainted by outside influences. Fairness and diversity is utterly key when it comes to Lawyers of Distinction. The legal world has traditionally been an extremely male and white dominated one, Lawyers of Distinction challenges that in the fairest and most transparent of ways.

On top of that, Lawyers of Distinction are very much their own organisation, and not endorsed or affiliated with any Bar Association. This powerful focus on independence, integrity and transparency has helped give Lawyers of Distinction the reputation they enjoy today, and that benefits both the lawyers listed, and the public in need of legal representation.

While it’s true that they are very much a vanity organisation, with members paying a fee starting at $475 per year to be listed, that simply allows them to maintain the standard of vetting and publicity that’s allowed their organisation to thrive. They cover a huge range of over twenty areas of practice, including civil, criminal, defence and plaintiff, and have zero political affiliations. If you’re a lawyer looking for a nifty way to boost your credibility, look no further.