Home Automotive How Tekmetric Digital Vehicle Inspection Has Improved my Store

How Tekmetric Digital Vehicle Inspection Has Improved my Store

How Tekmetric Digital Vehicle Inspection Has Improved my Store

I have always found vehicle inspections to be one of the most tedious aspects of auto repair. There were so many things wrong with the process and I didn’t know how to resolve them. I assumed I was bound to the nightmare for life; but after transitioning to digital vehicle inspection the process has actually become enjoyable for several reasons; here are some of them.

Transforms relationships

I was not expecting this to happen, I knew that making vehicle information available to technicians would be an advantage, but I didn’t even consider how it would transform the relationship between service advisors and technicians. Any auto shop owner will understand the tension between service advisors and technicians, but there is now a renewed confidence between them as a result of the digital vehicle inspections. Prior to going digital, service advisors were reluctant to recommend certain jobs to technicians, this aspect of the job is no longer the responsibility of the service advisor. The technician can check the vehicle history to determine the last time a job was performed. This means that any recommendations that are suggested are made with total confidence in the system.

Building trust in the shop

Unfortunately, the majority of people have had a negative experience with an auto shop, so trust has been severely broken in this industry. Our regular customers are not a problem but getting new customers to trust us when they’ve had such negative experiences can be difficult. The digital vehicle inspection has helped us to overcome this hurdle. We can now send clear photos of the work that needs to be done on a vehicle to the customer. If we tell them a part needs replacing because it has worn down, we can take a picture and send it directly to their smartphone or inbox. This gives the customer peace of mind and helps them to trust our organization.

The digital vehicle inspection has worked miracles for our store, and what’s even more amazing is that we haven’t spent any money on it. After doing my research on what was available, I came across a company called Tekmetric, they are offering a free trial until the end of 2018. I contacted them to find out more about their offer and learnt that I wouldn’t have to sign a contract, there were no hidden fees and if I wasn’t satisfied at the end of the year, I could send it back without having to pay a cancelation fee. I wasn’t attacked by a pushy salesman asking for credit card details, I was given the facts and left to make my own decision. After doing some more research, I decided that this offer was the best I was going to get, and I have not been disappointed.

However, I would advise anyone looking to incorporate digital vehicle inspection software to do their research, because the needs of my company are going to be different from the auto shop down the road. In other words, shop around until you find software that is the perfect match for your company.