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Know Everything About Custom Paint By Number Concept

Know Everything About Custom Paint By Number Concept

Introduction to custom Paint by number

Painting is a form of art that many people pursue as a profession, while others love to paint and have it as their hobby. For those who have it as their hobby, there is an interesting concept of Paint by numbers custom in which you have a printed photograph on which certain numbers are written, and you are provided colors according to those numbers. There are three different qualities of custom paint by the number available, standard (24 colors), high definition (36 colors), and realistic (48 colors). If you want to get it customized for anyone, you have to upload their picture and pay whatever is the price for it, and then you will get it delivered with few paints with it. Then you can paint it, dry it and then gift it to whomsoever you wish to.

Who can paint custom paint by number?

Few people think painting is just for the professionals, but no, it is not like that. Anyone can paint. The concept behind custom Paint by a number that can be painted by anyone effortlessly. It would help if you were careful while painting, so you do not end up ruining the whole painting and messing up. Else, you have the guide to painting it as the picture numbers are mentioned in the colors.

Prepare canvas for Paint by numbers custom

The customized paintings are printed on a canvas and painted using acrylic colors, which gives them a realistic touch. To prepare the canvas for Paint by numbers custom, you should know how to prepare the canvas.

  1. Iron the canvas before doing anything else, and be careful while ironing on the numbered side as the numbers may disappear if not ironed properly due to the heat.
  2. Make sure the canvas is locked in place so you can paint effortlessly.
  3. Find a perfect spot for your work and set up your place with all the things you need. Maybe some extra brushes and a towel and a few more things.
  4. If you are right-handed, it is better to start with the lightest colors and from the top left side of the painting and later move towards the right side and bottom and darker shades. If you are left-handed, and then vice versa will work for you.

Is it hard to paint custom paint by number?

It is not hard to paint custom paint by number. If you have even the slightest knowledge about painting, this can be one of the most fun and amazing painting experiences. You need to know a bit about which brush to use for which part, and you will be good to go. Painting is not only for professionals but for everyone, and that is why this concept of painting was introduced. Now, what are you waiting for? Get your first customized painting and have fun painting it in beautiful colors and making something you will love once it gets completed. Happy painting!