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Liquid Dispensing Systems from the World Market Leader


In a majority of industries that involve application of various kinds of liquids, the need for efficient dispensing systems is inevitable. In order to cut down the risks associated with handling these dangerous liquids, manual and automatic dispensing systems are very effective. All liquids can be precisely dispensed by mechanical force or air pressure. There are many manufacturers around the world that manufacture such systems, though Fisnar is the global market leader when it comes to liquid dispensing systems.

Liquid dispensing solutions let industries that work with hazardous liquids to give appropriate safety precautions to their employees, while also complying with the strict safety and health rules.

Types of Liquid Dispensing Systems

From the large valve-controlled robotic dispensing systems to the small handheld syringe kind of units, there are innumerable choices. Such dispensing systems are available as simple bench or hand dispensing solutions for single part materials and also as automated robotic dispensers with meter-mix tool and vision recognition for 2-part materials like epoxies. A whole range of barrels, replaceable syringes, tips and needles are also available as accessories.

These kinds of products are highly suited for several applications in several automotive, medical, jewellery, electronic and generic industrial OEM assembly operations.

Why Liquid Dispensing Solutions?

In most of the industries, assembly fluids need to be used precisely to make sure that high quality products are manufactured with reduced rejects. When we say assembly fluids, it refers to fluids such as instant glues, adhesives, epoxies, solvents, silicones, solder paste, solder cream, marking ink and other lubricants from thick grease to oil. The automated and controlled deposit of these liquids through the dispensing systems ensures that mess and wastage are reduced, while also ensuring reliable production. Such is the importance of liquid dispensing systems in industries.

Fisnar: The Global Leader in Liquid Dispensing Systems

When it comes to such systems, Fisnar liquid dispenser is the solution and this brand has turned out to be the global leader for providing simple and economic solutions for fluid dispensing. It offers to the industries cost-effective, high quality solutions to meet their needs of dispensing pastes or liquids in a controlled way.

The major strength of this brand is that it offers an extensive variety of dispensing systems, which gives industries to choose the right one for their application requirements. Fisnar dispensers come with many features ranging from automated to manually controlled systems for dispensing cyanoacrylate, adhesive, UV resin, RTV, anaerobic and silicone.

Few of the best-selling dispensing solutions from Fisnar’s range are:

·         Fisnar JB1113N Liquid Dispenser

·         Fisnar SL101N Digital Dispenser

·         Fisnar PPD130 Peristaltic Pump Dispenser

·         Fisnar VPP511 LF Vacuum Pick Up System

·         Fisnar Cartridge Retainer

With highly efficient fluid dispensers, dispensing valves, pumps and reservoirs and a complete range of dispensing accessories, it’s not surprising that Fisnar has become the world leader for liquid dispensing systems.