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Moving House & Taking Your Garden With You

Moving House & Taking Your Garden With You

Moving home is not without its stresses but moving home and leaving that beautiful garden behind that you’ve years nurturing can be a real kick in the teeth!

Without further ado, whether you are a green-fingered demon and love your garden or you’re just not ready to say goodbye to it, here’s some ways that you can move your garden to your next new home.

Plan Ahead!


Look at your garden and its contents and make an informed decision of what you can actually move (normally we wouldn’t recommend digging up trees but, then again, stranger things have occurred!), consider the soil, season and size of your new patch in your next garden.

Plants are and garden life are living organisms and as such, you should treat the removal process of them delicately. Make sure you have proper containers for them, food and anything else that may be required for their survival during transit.



This is a process that is strongly recommended for flowers that form clumps and grow bulbs, such as a Bluebell. For great results, split up the clumps during autumn or the springtime. Dig the entire plant up, pull off a handful of bulbs and place in a pot with soil. Then return the existing plant into the ground.

Making sure you think about the removals company


Make your removals company aware that you are moving your plants and flowers – ask them to take particular care when handling them. Most reputable removal companies like movecorp will not have any problems answering this request and will make sure they take the best of care when transporting your garden.

It is worth noting though, because they are living organisms they wont be covered by any insurance policy.

Take Cuttings


Often considered to be one of the best and most used methods , taking cuttings is recommended for anyone looking to move their fave greenery without disturbing the existing garden. Prune a few healthy shoots and make sure that you cut immediately underneath the best leaf joints – then remove the tips.

For the best results possible when doing this, dip them in hormone root powder before placing the cutting into compost – it makes a significant difference.

We mentioned containers – but look for specialised ones


You will find if you scour the interwebs some people that actually sell ready made moving boxes to house your plants and greenery. This would be a great option to ensure the safe transit of your plants.

It would also be a good idea to clearly label what each of the plants are so that you now when you unpack the flowers where the boxes should go in the garden in-line with your new vision.

Finally, enjoy it!


You’ve earned yourself a cold drink. Sit back and relax in your new garden of which seems familiar because you’ve successfully moved all of your favourite greenery to your beautiful new home.