Home News Nadine Gourkow Prepares A Murder Mystery Party

Nadine Gourkow Prepares A Murder Mystery Party

Nadine Gourkow Prepares A Murder Mystery Party


With a little imagination, you too can become the actor of your own investigative drama. With a simple scenario, you can lead your friends down the road of suspense, intrigue, and surprise with a little soiree of detective work. Nadine Gourkow looks at Murder mysteries.

Everyone loves a good detective show

Hosting your own murder mystery takes a little imagination, a little acting, and a few good friends who are willing to embarrass themselves. You can write your own or purchase a party kit which will detail how to go on with your very own murder mystery.

  1. Choose a scenario – look at the different scenarios available. Which one speaks to you? Are any one of them jumping out at you with a specific person in mind? Would wild west be fun? There is an excellent Victorian scenario. Or perhaps a post-apocalyptic setting be more to your liking? The possibility is endless but keep your guests in mind. You may want to consult with them before picking your favorite, as you may end up with a limited guest list.
  2. Choosing your venue – a steampunk mystery would not work in a traditional setting, nor would a Victorian setting work in a gritty, space-age scenario. Make sure you choose a scenario that will not force you to remodel your home for the sake of a party, unless you are looking to remodel, then go ahead! Try and keep in mind potential limitations of your guests. Costumes may not be available to some of your guests.
  3. Invitations – when sending out your invitation to your party, you will need to let your guests know the setting of your party, and perhaps a few costume suggestions. We recommend you make sure ahead of time if your guests are willing to attend and participate in a murder mystery. A party like this is no fun if your murder victim or murderer does not attend.
  4. Accomplice – you will need someone willing to play the victim. Each character is crucial, but your victim will kick off the start of the investigation, and needs to be a solid, dependable performer. Choosing someone who is terribly shy may not be your best pick. Make sure the person is willing and excited about playing your victim.
  5. There will be rounds – a murder mystery is not an affair of a few minutes. Plan on a few hours of fun, with brief intermissions where snacks and drinks can be served. Make sure to keep the atmosphere light during those breaks and that no one spills the beans as to who the murderer is!
  6. Planning your menu – depending on your scenario, there are multiple menu ideas. A full afternoon of fun should be followed by a delicious meal once the mystery has been solved, and we would recommend a desert of “death by chocolate”.


Planning a murder mystery is quite the even, and will require some discipline, but the end result, as it was for Nadine Gourkow, will be a day of fun, with discoveries about your friends that may surprise you. In the end, the murder of a friend will bring your group closer!