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Replace Your Dog’s Collar With A Harness For Safer Travel

Replace Your Dog’s Collar With A Harness For Safer Travel

Collars are traditionally used to leash pets and are a good choice for many species. However, when it comes to dogs, collars aren’t the ideal choice, at least for some breeds. Dogs are curious creatures. They love to get around and smell things. It’s quite normal for most dogs to pull their owners along as they walk. Needless to mention, the collar might not be enough, especially if you intend to travel with your pet. Trainers and dog experts often suggest a harness as a better replacement.

Why buy a harness?

First things first, harnesses are not meant for smaller dogs in particular. They have a sensitive neck that’s prone to injuries, and even with the slightest pull, they can choke on the collar. Some breeds, such as pugs, have a problem known as proptosis. This is a condition, where the eyeballs of the dog pop out, due to extreme pressure on the neck. The condition is serious and must be fixed immediately with surgery.

As for larger dogs, harnesses are important for better control. When you travel, you dog will see new places and probably he would be more interested about chasing the new birds and other animals. In unknown places, having a collar is never enough. The dog may pull you along as he chases, which can lead to an accident. If you have a big and athletic breed, such as a Labrador, Visla or GSD, you need to have a harness, especially for the public places.

Are harnesses expensive?

Yes, if you compare the prices with a standard collar, harnesses are certainly expensive. However, you need to understand that this is more like a long term investment and should be considered, especially if you like traveling with your pet in public areas and new destinations. There are varied options designed for different purposes, so finding a dog harness that fits your pooch is not hard.  Just make sure that you measure his torso and neck and compare the sizes on the standard list. A size larger than the regular might be a better choice, because the animal will have enough flexibility.

If your dog is not used to the harness, it is always best to try at home. Not all dogs are comfortable with vest and big harnesses, so it’s a matter of practice too. If required, take the help of an experienced dog trainer before you travel.