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Satellite Finders – Selecting the right Satellite Signal Strength Meter


For individuals thinking about installing a totally free-To-Air satellite system the only greatest technical challenge may be the alignment from the satellite dish towards the correct satellite. Unlike when installing a TV aerial while in “general direction” is going to do, satellites are much less forgiving or even a imbalance of merely one degree with provide the dreaded “No signal” message on screen. The fundamental concepts would be the every install – you need to mount the satellite dish if at all possible on the south facing wall (all satellites orbit within the equator) after which look into the fundamental direction and position to create your satellite dish to e.g. for astra 2 (BBC & Sky satellite) is located at 141 levels from Ireland. Getting this area pre-tuned is a big advantage.

So then your question turns that or no satellite finder in the event you buy?

The solution obviously depends upon regardless if you are a once off DIY installer or perhaps a full-time professional. For that DIYer the most typical choice is either to use no meter (least expensive option when it comes to cash except definitely not time) or make use of a cheap DIY Satellite meter which normally cost around €10 Though not great the DIY meter will explain if you have an indication as well as permit you align the dish. However crucially it won’t let you know which satellite you’re tuned to! The next phase up is always to use something similar to the ‘Fringe UHF & Satellite Meter’ which does pretty much exactly the same factor (all as dealing with TV aerials) and it is a bit more accurate.

The ultimate choice is purchase a full digital professional satellite finder. These meters will usually include about 70 satellites pre-programmed as well as contain a summary of as much as 80 ‘Transponders’ because both versions can transport in regards to a 10 different channels. Using these all of the speculation is finished. From beginning the alignment tactic to getting the satellite dish kept in usually takes only 3-4 minutes. Obviously the large disadvantage would be that the cost varies from €350-2,000. All professional and many serial DIYers (eventually) choose this method. Of individuals at the end finish from the cost scale probably the most impressive when it comes to features and reliability may be the Smart S10 Satellite meter which has a 10cm LCD (watch television) along with a spectrum analyser. Other popular brands include Laguna, Horizon and First Strike.

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