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Sinclair Founder Andrew Brooks Highlights Business Advice

Sinclair Founder Andrew Brooks Highlights Business Advice

Based in NYC and Miami, Andrew Brooks founded lifestyle brand Sinclair Global to bring new life to authentic streetwear. He has worked as CEO of the brand since September 2020, leveraging his years of business experience to help develop Sinclair into a name people recognize and a style they want to emulate. His contributions to retail and ecommerce areas have already been notable, as he was named to the “30 Under 30” list in 2017.

Brooks is a graduate of the University of Miami with a degree in entrepreneurial studies. Andrew Brooks founded Sinclair as a reaction to what he was seeing take place with COVID. He wanted to get people talking and help them feel comfortable as their ideas of style started to change. The streetwear look provided fun and authenticity and gave them new perspectives on what aesthetics would look like for the future.

Brands Switching It Up

Lifestyle brands started looking for ways to adapt to a changing world, and that’s where Andrew Brooks and Sinclair came in. The brand wants to make sure it hangs onto both purpose and exclusivity, but it also focuses on evolving into a mainstay and a go-to brand for people from all walks of life. It’s a way to be stylish and comfortable in clothing that might not have found its way to the mainstream otherwise.

Andrew Brooks, Sinclair Founder, works hard to maintain a schedule in the face of the ever-changing business climate. A strong schedule allows him to work all types of ideas and plans into his days, while still staying on track with the areas where he needs to be focused and committed on a daily basis. He normally trades commodities in the morning, before he ever starts his day at Sinclair. That way, he’s already done important work before officially beginning his day as CEO.

Creative Content

After getting to the office, his next focus is on creative content. Working this the team right from the beginning of his workday helps him bring ideas to life and make sure projects are moving forward as easily and fully as possible. It’s also easier for Brooks and his team to trade ideas and bounce them off of each other, so they can choose which ideas are really going to take them places. That makes it easier to start focusing on those ideas, and leave others on the back burner for a later time.

By seeing Sinclair as a lifestyle and not just a brand, Andrew Brooks and his team can create a vision that people relate to. That brings in customers, but it also helps other businesspeople see the valuable work he’s doing and emulate it. Starting slow, building a following, and creating a brand around it are all pieces of advice Brooks gives to others, so they can make their entrepreneurial dreams come true.