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Singapore Burning: One Candle, Many Stories

Singapore Burning: One Candle, Many Stories

Have you ever been in a room with many candles lit? It is an amazing feeling. You get the sense that there are many stories being told and shared by those who enter the room. Singapore Burning: One Candle, Many Stories aims to be just like that, but for one country.

A Candle making workshop in Singapore is a perfect way to introduce people to the joys of candle-making. Candle Making Workshop Singapore workshops allow participants to explore their creativity and learn about the process from start to finish, while also getting an introduction into types of candles, such as gel waxes and soy-based candles that are great for those with allergies or asthma.

Candle Classes offer you variety in flavor selection – try out citrus scents like lemon or orange; spicy selections like cinnamon spice; sweet fragrances including vanilla bean; fruity options such as strawberry sorbet, watermelon punch or apple crumble pie!

The workshop is a hands-on experience, which means you will get to try out all the steps from making molds of different shapes and sizes, pouring melted wax into them, adding wicks or dyes (depending what type you are using) and finishing with either dipping it in colored glass rods for firework candles or placing it inside an aluminum canister filled with water for pillar candles.

Or if needed we have safety gear such as face masks, aprons and gloves available! As well as getting practical training there’s also time during this workshop to learn more about candle fragrance oils that you can use in your Candle Making Workshop Singapore.

Just like any other form of artistry or creation, Candle Making takes years of knowledge before someone can be considered an expert in this field. We all know that Candle Making is a craft of love. From the melting to the pouring and finally, the blowing; it requires patience and time.

Candle Makers are often seen as healers because they help people connect with their loved ones who have passed away by giving them candles lit from these individuals’ own flame so that they may find peace when reliving memories around their deathbeds.