Statistical analysis of content with Free Word Counter


Free Word Counter is a utility for analyzing various types of documents in Excel. It helps you with the multiple facets of any document’s statistical analysis absolutely free of cost! How to Find Out how many words are in a particular text or document and just paste or type into the text box or window of the utility. The utility will automatically display the results. Just one click and the entire statistical analysis of that particular data will be displayed.

This Free Word Counter has been designed for Excel to carry out analysis of large amounts of text. It can be easily used by students, staff and even by those who are not technically inclined. There are many benefits of using this tool. As the name suggests, it can quickly find out how many words are in a particular document or even several documents. Besides this, the other benefits include:

It counts the number of times the page is double-spaced across the page. In other words, it counts the number of times words appear on the same page twice. This utility is very important because it allows you to maintain a consistent formatting for the same document. As the name suggests, the metric is a metric character based. If you copy any document from a Word document to another Word document, the counter keeps a track of the changes made to the document and saves your hard work later. Besides this, the tool counts the number of words found in between the characters on either side of a Word page.

Another important feature of this Word Counter is the WordArt feature. It displays the number of times a particular keyword appears throughout the entire document. To make this feature more interesting, this tool offers the calculation of exact keyword density. If you use the exact number of times a keyword appears as per the definition, you will get the exact number of search engine hits. This Word Counter tool offers the best value for the money spent.

A word counter tool calculates the word count of an essay. The more word count, the higher is the weightage of the essay in the search engines. Therefore, a high word count results in better results when the search is done for a particular topic. The higher word count also ensures that you have more copies of the essay. An essay with less word count is deemed to be of lesser importance in comparison to a document that has fewer words. Therefore, the higher word count improves your chances of getting better results from the search engine.

The best feature of the Word Counter is its ability to detect incorrect spellings. As much as computers can do, sometimes humans fail to do this effortlessly. Therefore, the Word Counter comes handy in this situation too. It will help you in detecting the incorrect spellings as it counts the number of times the given word is used. It also alerts you if you are not using the right spelling for a particular letter. In addition, the Word Counter helps you to increase your word count and hence your chances of getting better results from the search engine.