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Tips To Select the Right Apple Charger for Different Apple Devices

Tips To Select the Right Apple Charger for Different Apple Devices

Apple is the most popular company that brings the best quality devices to the people worldwide. The market is filled with different types of electronic devices manufactured by them. Some of these mobile iOS devices of Apple are iPhone, iPad, iPod and Watch.

All of these electronic devices need to be charged for them to operate. Thus, getting the best quality charger becomes an inevitable requirement for smooth and continuous working of Apple devices. There are certain tips that would help you find the right charger for your device.

About Apple Charger

Apple is a multinational company that has produced many different varieties of USB chargers for different types of devices. These chargers differ in size and wattage, an ipad charger different from iphone charger.  Using improper charger can damage the device and reduce its life.

The earliest models of Apple device operate the best with a standard and full-sized USB port. Looking at the extensive collection of USB chargers often confuses Apple users. They lack knowledge to figure out which Apple charger could be safely used with which type of Apple product.

Consider cables

Apple mobile devices use two different types of cables, lightning connector cable or a large sized 30-pin cable. Both of these cable styles can easily be used with different types of Apple USB charger. You need to look into the device technical specification to know the appropriate cable for your device. Apple Watch is a device that needs a purely magnetic charging cable.

Choosing the right Apple charger

Apple iPods and iPhones can use the same charger. Yet there is a little discrepancy between the different generations of Apple based products. Different generations of the Apple devices use a different version of chargers as using the same version of charger might cause compatibility in the device.

Many people have observed that charging cables and other accessories of an earlier version of iPhones and Apple devices failed to work with the fifth-generation iPhone and iPod Touch. Due to this reason, Apple has brought different products to support the various generations of the charging technology.

30-Pin to USB

The 30-pin to USB device is made for iPhone 4s/ 4 / 3Gs/ 3G, iPhone, the 1st to 3rd generations of the iPod, 1st to 4th generations of the iPod Touch and the iPod Classic and the 1st to 6th generations of the iPod Nano..

iPod Shuffle to USB

An iPod Shuffle to USB works best suits the smaller and more compact design of the iPod. This device helps in easy and efficient charging and synchronization of the device. This connector looks similar to a microphone jack. The device can only be used on iPod Shuffle and not on other Apple devices.

Poor quality or an inappropriate charger can cause harm to your device. It can decrease the life of the device gradually. So, it is important to choose a safe charger for your device. Carry out an extensive research before buying the best charger for different Apple devices.