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Top 4 Reasons for Security Camera Failure

Top 4 Reasons for Security Camera Failure

Having a camera go out on your security camera installation can be a puzzling problem.  Where do you start.  This article will help with the usual problems that can happen with your security camera installation. There are some situations where a security camera does not record anything or has poor quality. There are several reasons why this could happen. Highlighted below are some of the possible problems.

  1. Broken Cables

It is an obvious yet still a common problem. Cable breakage is the main reason why security video is lost. It is either because of a cut cable or a loose connection. In many instances, installing a quality security camera system can help prevent this problem.

These breakages may be caused by several reasons, including pulling on the cable, a rodent chewing it, or someone tripping over it. You should perform visual inspections regularly of all cables. If a cable appears cut or damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

  1. Incompatible or Faulty Equipment

Another reason you lose video or poor quality is incompatible or faulty equipment. The security camera and cables should have been tested before being installed. After installing the equipment, you should perform tests to ensure everything is working properly.

Incompatible equipment can create problems if the camera and cable do not support each other. The result, of course, will be no video or low quality video.

  1. Incorrect Installation

It is also important to remember that installing security equipment and cabling should be done properly. Ensure that the cables are run securely with minimal interference. You should also install cables in a way that does not allow them to be damaged or broken by everyday activities. The wrong installation can lead to problems in all aspects, such as video loss or security camera failure.

Some people may not realize that they could have lost their security camera footage due to these problems. If you are encountering video loss or unreliable cabling, consult with a professional. They can come out and make sure that everything has been installed properly and fix cables that have not been.

  1. Power Issues

Power issues are also possible. It can happen if the power source is faulty and cannot supply electricity to the camera or video equipment. Or this can be the case if your power source is not powerful enough to handle the demand of your video and cabling equipment.

If power needs to be redirected or changed, then it should be done by a trained professional. Check the wires, and ensure that everything is intact. It may be that the cable is not delivering power to the camera. You can check power output using a voltmeter to check voltage. If your power needs are not being met, you may need to upgrade your electrical panel.


Many factors can cause security camera video loss. What we have discussed here today are just a few of the most common reasons that our clients experience this problem.

One of the best ways to avoid video loss and cabling problems is to have an experienced team install them in the first place. That’s where Harden Communications can help. From security camera and structured cabling installation to ongoing support, we’re here for you.