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What is a Concealed Carry Holster?

What is a Concealed Carry Holster?

A concealed carry holster is any holster that can be worn under clothing, either by design or with the aid of a cover garment. These holsters can be more comfortable than regular holsters due to their size and positioning.

They also provide more security than regular holsters because it’s harder for someone to detect your firearm. Most people use the term “concealed carry holster” to refer to holsters worn on or in a person’s belt, but this type of holster can be attached to a person’s leg, ankle, shoulder, back, and chest.

The History of Concealed Carry

Throughout most of history, different cultures have used various ways of carrying weapons with them. Western gunfighters would use a double-loop holster to carry their revolvers on the waist.

Clackers, an 18th-century weapon used as a club and concealed under clothing, could be carried using straps attached to a belt or shoulder. Even earlier, in 14th century Asia, warriors wore steel plates fitted inside thigh and shoulder holsters.

Modern Usage of the Concealed Carry Holster

Concealed carry holsters are designed to provide comfort and security for those who need their firearms with them but still want to remain discrete. They have been adapted over time to fit the changing needs of gun owners.

One of these changes has been in how concealed carry holsters are attached to a person’s body. Before the early 1990s, when concealed carry was not nearly as mainstream as today, most people carried their handguns in strong side hip holsters reasonably high up on the beltline (roughly around 4 o’clock).

These holsters were primarily designed for open carry and didn’t offer much in the way of concealment, but they were easy to access.

As more people started buying handguns for personal protection and carrying them on their persons, newer holster designs sprouted up that made it easier to carry concealed weapons while still keeping them within reach. One famous example was the behind-the-hip (4 o’clock) strong side holster, which often used an exposed belt clip to keep the firearm securely fastened.

As concealed carry moved further towards mainstream acceptance, more holsters appeared that could be worn on or under clothing. These holsters included shoulder holsters, thigh holsters (commonly referred to as “drop leg” holsters), and ankle holsters.

Designs available

One of the most popular holster designs for concealed carry is the inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster. This type of holster attaches to the beltline inside the pants, with a loop or other type of clip, and goes over the belt to keep it in place.

Some IWB holsters are designed with a single clip, while others have two clips to make them more stable.

These holsters have a design that you can wear under clothing, so they are made with materials that will easily compress the firearm against the body. The material is usually leather or Kydex (a plastic-like molded polymer), though some hybrid models now use a combination of these materials.

In conclusion, the purpose of a concealed carry holster is to allow for increased comfort and security while carrying your firearm. Holsters are available in many different styles, including IWB, appendix carry, outside the waistband (OWB), or under-the-clothing designs. You can buy these holsters at most local gun stores around the country.