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What is broadband and why do I need it?

What is broadband and why do I need it?

This article explains the utility of Internet broadband – and why you are missing out if you haven’t bought a connection already.

The Internet literally powers our lives today. Whatever we need, from information to groceries, can be accessed over the Internet with the flick of a few buttons. It is impossible to imagine a life where the Internet does not play a role.

However, it is not enough simply to have Internet access – you must have access to the best broadband Internet in your home. It helps you run multiple digital devices on a single connection, and it is the simplest, most cost effective solution to the issue of digital access for each device that you own.

What is broadband Internet?

There is a simple way to understand what broadband Internet is without getting into the technical specifications. It is an Internet connection that uses a landline with a wide spectrum. In this sense, it is similar to the dial-up Internet connection, but the latter has a narrow spectrum – this explains why you need to hang up the landline first before connecting to the Internet. However, with a wider spectrum in the broadband Internet, the landline call and Internet connection can be made simultaneously.

Its wider spectrum also enables faster data speeds, better data transmission and better connectivity than dial-up connections. The wide spectrum on your broadband Internet connection also allows for multiple devices to be connected to the same connection at the same time. This is done without any downtime or slow speeds across any of the devices in use.

If you have not yet picked a broadband Internet connection for your home, it is time to do so. Pick a suitable broadband plan from a leading provider like Airtel, based on the city of your residence. The connection is installed within just a few days of placing the request.

Why chooseAirtel broadband, particularly?

You could no better than choosing Airtel broadband Internet for your home – it has the fastest, most superior plans, speeds and connectivity across all broadband plans available in the market today.

  • Start by checking the available Airtel broadband plans for your city on the Airtel website or myAirtel app on your phone. You can take a look at the currently available plans, their prices and the features in each.
  • With Airtel broadband Internet, you get the fastest ever Internet speeds of 100 Mbps and higher, based on the plan you buy.
  • The connection is always-on. You don’t need to separately connect it every time you want to log on to the Internet. Also, you will never suffer network outages and abrupt stutters with Airtel broadband.
  • One single broadband Internet connection from Airtel powers up to 10 digital devices with equal transmission speeds for each.
  • You get the highest monthly data quota, ranging from 150 GB to 1,200 GB basis the plan you select. Plus, there is data rollover facility – so go ahead and stream live matches and movies to your heart’s content! On certain plans, Airtel broadband also offers a free Amazon Prime subscription for one year.

Plus, you get excellent customer support from Airtel for the slightest queries or issues. With so many excellent attributes, what more does one want from their broadband Internet?