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What Makes a Good Car Salesperson?

What Makes a Good Car Salesperson?

Buying a car can sometimes be a tricky process, you’ve to visit several dealerships and you’ve to do a lot of research online. When you finally narrow down your search to a certain type of model, the next step is to select a dealership. When choosing a place, a good salesperson will make all the difference.

Listening & Communicating

When you visit the dealership, you don’t want a sales rep who just talks and talks and never listens to a word you say. They must have excellent communications skills and listening is a top priority. A good sales rep will listen to what you need and not try to sell you something you don’t want. They’ll ask you several questions to find out what best suits your lifestyle, providing useful recommendations on all models.


A good sales rep should treat everyone with respect, from the person looking to buy a high-end model to a buyer who is seeking an economy car. There should be no difference in the way they treat both buyers. They shouldn’t ignore you as a customer or try to push you into a sale just because you are working with a low budget. The same goes for a client who wants to spend a lot of money. Good quality car dealers in Canberra employ sales staff who are genuine and respect customers from all walks of life.


When you arrive at a car dealership, you may have some questions related to certain vehicles. If the sales rep cannot answer and shows very little knowledge of cars in general, you should look elsewhere. A good salesperson should know a lot about what they are selling, some dealerships train their staff to increase their knowledge.

Comfortable with New Tech

Each year cars get equipped with all kinds of new tech and your sales rep should know how to use each new feature. They must be able to discuss new entertainment features or safety technology and give a clear demonstration about how it works. They should also be committed to customer satisfaction.

Many of us don’t know a lot about cars, so we look to car dealerships to increase our knowledge. They must have knowledgeable staff who know a lot about the car industry. A sales rep must listen to your needs and try to find a vehicle that suits your lifestyle. If they are just trying to push a sale, look elsewhere.