Home Tech What you should do before you hand a technician your smartphone for repair

What you should do before you hand a technician your smartphone for repair

What you should do before you hand a technician your smartphone for repair

In most cases, when someone needs their phone repaired, they just walk into a Samsung repair shop and hand over their device the way it was when they last used it. However, this is bad practice and you should not do it the next time you get your phone repaired. In the content below, I will be looking at some of the things you should always do before you give your phone to a technician. They may seem simple and commonsense kind of, but not everybody knows or even does them. Thus, it is worth mentioning them even just in passing.

Remove your SIM card

Your SIM card is meant to be a private item because it carries personal and private information. It should not fall in the hands of the wrong people or people who should not have access to them and technicians are not exempted. You should remove the SIM card and keep it safe before the technician takes your phone. Walking around with the SIM ejector is a good idea for such situations. Just pop the SIM and keep it and even if you happen to forget to pop it and remember after you have left the store, just go back and collect it.

Besides being good practice, you should take your SIM with you as a safety precaution. Technicians are just human beings like any other humans and not all of them are good people. In case your SIM does not have a password to protect its content, the technician can access it and extract numbers of your family members, friends, or even colleagues at work. The amount of damage such information can be used to cause is hard to quantify.

Remove security locks

After you remove your SIM card, you should remove your security locks so as to give the technician unfettered access to the phone. Leaving the security lock on can cause an increase in the cost you have to pay because the technician will have to spend more time removing it before continuing with the repair. The phone should be accessible so that after repairs have been done, the technician can power up the device to see if its functioning fine after it has been repaired. Without testing it, there is no way of telling if the problem has been fixed completely.

Also, if you don’t remove the security lock, it is likely that the technician will call you back to the shop to remove it or they may ask you for the security lock so that they do it themselves. So, save both of you the trouble and just remove the lock.

Backup & Reset

You need to back the data on your phone before it is repaired so that you can retrieve it afterwards. Use your icloud account or Google drive for backup depending on whether you are using android or iphone. This keeps your data safe from access by the technician while guaranteeing that you will retrieve it later. Resetting your phone to factory setting helps wipe all personal data off your phone, hence protecting you.