Home Business Law Who is more liable for the accident? Car owner or driver

Who is more liable for the accident? Car owner or driver

Who is more liable for the accident? Car owner or driver

When we buy a car, we usually drive it with our own effort. However, in some cases, our friends and dear ones may like to drive our cars. When an accident occurs in this condition, it raises lots of questions. The vehicle owner assumes that the person, operating the car, must be guilty. By hiring Rand Spear Philadelphia auto accident attorneyyou can find the right judgment of the case.

The owner, not present in the vehicle

The judge can take the decision on the basis of various situations. In some instances, the vehicle owner isn’t present during the accident. The driver may be negligent or in a drunken condition. Thus, the driver will be guilty of the accident. However, while the car condition is not roadworthy, the owner will have all the liabilities. To remove these confusions, you can visit Rand Spear Law Firm.

The owner, present in the vehicle

If you have instigated or forced your driver for driving fast, you will be liable as an owner. The driver can say that his owner has instructed him for rash driving. However, these simple words will not act as the proof.

Legally, the driver has the responsibility of taking the victim to a nearby hospital. Although the owner has not directly liability, he must assist the injured person from moral viewpoints.

The car accident can cause permanent disablement or death to the victim. In most of these cases, the car owner is asked to pay the compensation. Whether you are the car owner or the victim, you can speak to Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Rand Spear for settling everything.

If the vehicle has been insured, then the insurance agency deals with the liability of compensation. As an owner, you must take a few steps to keep away from all the issues-

  • Arrange all the insurance-related documents
  • Make sure that your car is in the right condition
  • You have employed a skilled driver
  • Never force the driver for creaking the traffic laws in the road

Thus, all the vehicle owners have to be careful while other drivers are driving their cars.