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Why it is good to take Kotak home Loan


Do you want to build your own dream house? But, do you not have much money to do it? Kotak Bank offers you a home loan with various benefits and features if you face this problem.

Kotak Bank provides you with an easier interface for applying for a home loan. You can easily appeal from anywhere for a home loan.

Suppose you want to take a home loan from Kotak Mahindra bank and want to get information about it. Then, please read our article on Kotak home Loan.

What do you mean by Home Loan?

A home loan is a long-term money offered by the Bank or any legal, financial institution. You can easily pay back the home loan amount under flexible administration with the help of EMIs (Equated Monthly Installments).

How to apply for a loan in Kotak Bank?

  1. Visit the official website https://www.kotak.com/en/home.html.
  2. Here, you see the “Explore product” tab; click on it.
  3. Then, you find the home loan option.
  4. Click on Apply now button and fill in your details such as name, age, contact number, etc.
  5. Also, fill in your property details for Kotak home Loan.
  6. Upload all scanned documents.
  7. Click on submit button and hold it for approval.

Benefits of taking a home loan from Kotak Bank

There are various features and benefits provided by the Kotak Bank while taking a home loan.

  • Fast and appropriate: Applying for a home loan in Kotak bank is an appropriate option because it allows a very simple procedure.
  • High Security: It provides high security in this procedure. For example, when you apply for a loan, you have to enter the OTP (One-time password) and act as the security feature.
  • Least Physical contact for home Loans: It is considered one of the best banks during the COVID pandemic because you can not need to visit the branch regularly. You can apply online.
  • Further, we will discuss with you the eligibility criteria, documents required, etc. you should make sure about this information before applying for a loan in Kotak Bank.

Consider the following points to check the eligibility criteria while applying for a loan.

  1. Residency: Indian and NRI candidates are eligible to apply for Kotak home Loans.
  2. Age Qualification: The salaried loan applicants are only approved for loan criteria if their age is between 18-60 years and the eligible age of self-employed candidates is 18-65 years. The maximum age of the loan applicant is not more than 65 years.
  3. Experience of Work: The candidate must have 1-2 years of experience to be eligible for a home loan.

What are the Required documents of applicants for taking the loan from Kotak Bank?

Kotak Bank always asks for documents from candidates who want to apply for a home loan.

  • PAN Card
  • Passport Size Photographs
  • Residence proof
  • Aadhar Card as Identity proof for Kotak home Loan.
  • KYC Documents and salary slips if the loan applicant is a salaried person.
  • Latest 6 months bank statements if the loan applicant is NRI.
  • Last two-year slip of tax return.
  • Property documents


This article tells you about the entire procedure for applying for a home loan to Kotak Bank. Ensure the eligibility criteria and attached documents before appealing for the Kotak Bank Loan.