You Should Avoid Making these SEO Mistakes at All Costs


Building incoming links rapidly

No matter if you call it link building, off page SEO or promotion, it is an essential process to look after when it comes to gaining high rankings. But one can be too tempted to make errors like making links too fast. The entire process is natural. Always go with the flow steadily. Never use keyword anchor text links. Never direct all links to your home page, diversification is your best friend here. Never purchase or exchange links with other bloggers and no matter if it is free or paid, never participate in any link scheme. Hire seo services In Singapore to look after such aspects.

Not following the best method to build links

You need to interlink your pages because to make it easier for the search engines to discover more pages. It also helps the user to find the topic they were looking for. Many people believe that interlinking is a waste of time and underestimate its power. Internal linking is referred to as linking a page to another page in the very same site. They are amazing for SEO as they let you build your own small web page with the help of linking the pages together. People make many mistakes with interlinking like, not using this feature at all or overusing the internal links or not using descriptive text when interlinking etc.