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Your Source for Air Compressors and Service

Your Source for Air Compressors and Service

Some of the uses people have found for air compressors can be quite surprising, even for the industry professional. This tool is remarkably versatile when the right unit is paired with the specific tasks for which it was designed. Compressors are used in business and industry every day, providing air for tasks from basic cleanup to blowing up larger items such as a portable backyard pool. With the proper controls, you may have the tool you need to complete some unfinished task at home or at the workplace.

Many individuals are familiar with the use of an air compressor for commercial painting. They may also know that compressors are behind the scenes when you use a hose to add air to the tires in your car. These business uses are quite common in most countries today. But there is another level of use well beyond pressurised air in a repair shop or garage. In fact, if you’re looking for air compressor service and live in Australia, for example, there are experts who will work with you to find the perfect industrial air compressor for your needs.

Amazing Variety

Consider the array of products offered. The list includes rotary screw compressors, oil-free screw compressors, and oil-free scroll and piston compressors. When you visit the website of the top supplier, you’ll find the finest in lubricated piston compressors, nitrogen compressors, filtration products, management systems for condensation, and refrigerated air dryers. They have grown through the years to supply and service this essential tool and associated products throughout the country.

In addition, these experts work with major compressor corporations in Europe and Japan, which allows them to offer multiple rotary-screw compressors, oil-free compressors, claw compressors, and piston compressors, all with the most up-to-date technology. When these industry-leading products are manufactured, they adhere to strict standards that make them suitable for the environmental and efficiency requirements in Australia.

To give just a few examples: when you visit the website and browse for a rotary-screw product, you will see equipment perfect for those situations in which large volumes of high-pressure air are needed. These units provide superior service in industrial and construction locations because they provide plenty of pressurised air without the surge sometimes experienced with a piston compressor. They are offered in both belt-driven and direct-driven designs.

Work and Save

With the finest in screw-driven products, you not only produce the results you want but you also save considerably on energy costs. One series can reduce costs as much as a third over traditional compressors. For the most demanding conditions, you may want to talk to a representative about the industrial series with a heavy-duty drive system and low cost. There is also a top-end line for those who need 100% capacity around the clock. This performance is possible with significantly reduced energy consumption.

When you talk with a knowledgeable representative, you may also want to ask about desiccant air dryers, nitrogen generators, air line installation, breakdown service, rebuilds, and many other associated services. Work with the professionals for the best in air compressors.