Free VPNs are good, but they do not offer the benefits that premium VPNs do. If you get a premium VPN, you will have an advantage over the users with free accounts. Remember choosing the best VPN service is necessary for your protection and having a paid one is a way to start.

Listed below are some of the benefits of having a premium account.

  1. Complete anonymity during transactions – your personal information is hidden completely. The activities of the premium account users are not traceable.
  2. Advanced security Features- Paid VPN accounts allow users to access contents over the web from anywhere in the world. Some of the best free VPN services do not offer this.
  3. Unlimited Bandwidth – Paid VPNs do not have restrictions over data usage, but users with free VPNs do. Paid VPNs, allow users to browse all kinds of website and watch videos without any fear of data consumption.
  4. Complete control over content) – With a paid account, you can access content wherever you are in the world. Sometimes some contents are hidden because of location. Having a paid VPN allows you access to that content anywhere in the world.
  5. Flexibility) – Paid accounts allow you to switch devices using the same VPN connection. Free VPNs do not permit you to do so.

As much as we love the word ‘free,’ sometimes we have to pay for what is necessary. Protecting ourselves against hackers is salient, and we shouldn’t have to think twice about it. Pay your bills online without fear, get a VPN today and stay safe. It is always better to be safe than sorry.


Having a VPN has many advantages. Some we mentioned before and others we can find if we take the time to look. We can surf the internet safely every day with a Virtual Private Network. If you cannot purchase a paid account, there are free ones that you can use. Since we are online every day, why not take the time to search for the best free VPN services?

There are thousands of free VPNs out there waiting for us to use. My advice is to try a few and see what works best for you. However, if you can get a paid account, it is even better. Paid accounts provide better protection, and this is what we want.

Be mindful though, that even with paid accounts your computer is not safe. You will still need anti-virus software for maximum protection.

With that said, take your time and decide what you need, is a paid account better for you or can you make do with a free account? If you choose free, then you will have to carry out some research. Choosing a good free VPN is necessary if you are to get the protection that you need. Take your time and do what is best for you.