Home Law Business Litigation Involving Federal Agencies: Important Defense Tips

Business Litigation Involving Federal Agencies: Important Defense Tips

Business Litigation Involving Federal Agencies: Important Defense Tips

Many times, companies conduct businesses with federal agencies. It could be through contracts, occasional sales or through client agreements. However, there are many problems that can arise when obtaining, conducting or ending contracts which affect services, products, and information.

If business litigation involving federal agencies arises, a number of internal investigations are bound to occur.  Some other processes that are involved include disclosures with federal entities, controls on export and import, information given to the Department of Justice, sales with foreign powers, etc. These matters are always very sensitive and thus need to be handled by people with great expertise.

Hiring a lawyer who can effectively help you navigate through such business lawsuits is therefore very critical. Clearwater corporate litigation attorney can provide you with the kind of help that your business requires when facing lawsuits involving federal agencies.

Internal Investigations

Often, litigation occurs after problems are discovered through internal investigations. You are needed to disclose some information, which is critical to the case, while some information is voluntary to disclose. The reports made from the investigation are sent to the Department of Justice and any issues found could lead to a serious civil action or a criminal prosecution.

Litigation also arises because of government contracts, compliance compilations, and teaming agreements. This type of litigation usually involves governmental departments and agencies. Therefore, corporate litigation attorney is hired by both parties to help with their cases.

Since business litigations that involve federal agencies occur because of some kind of infringement of protected regulations and violation of trade agreements, they require a number of strong defense strategies that can protect your company and the government contract. Often, the laws that tend to get violated are that of buying and selling rules and regulations with the US or foreign governments.

You can only use some very specific defenses employed for these kinds of lawsuits in such litigation complications.

Possible Defenses

  • There are many cases where false accusations are made against agencies and employees involving the federal government. When this happens and the US government is not able to provide you immunity, you need a personal attorney to file actions under statutes similar to the False Claims Act.
  • If the government seeks action against private citizens by taking part in the proceedings, then the attorney can ask them to either stay out of action or take only a limited part in the case.
  • Another possible defense that can be taken to receive a positive outcome includes overturning a contract, avoiding decisions based upon particular agreements and assessing and reviewing alternatives that the opposing party finds reasonable.

Any litigation involving federal agencies can take place in a Federal District Court, Federal Circuit or even a Court of Appeals. Therefore, it is necessary for the defense lawyer that you hire to understand all the state stipulations and regulations as well as the federal implications that involve the federal entity.