Home Health Laser to Hair Removal: A Breakdown of the Technology and How It Works

Laser to Hair Removal: A Breakdown of the Technology and How It Works

Laser to Hair Removal: A Breakdown of the Technology and How It Works

Laser hair removal refers to a medical treatment that uses a concentrated beam of light to get rid of unwanted hair on the patients’ skin.

During the procedure, the laser usually emits light absorbed by the patient’s pigment called melanin in the hair.

The energy from this light gets converted to heat that damages tube-shaped sacs in the skin, which produces hair. This damage basically delays or damages the growth of hair in the future.

How It Works

As aforementioned, the melanin in the skin absorbs light so that it can kill and destroy the papilla. Within two weeks, what is left in the skin gets expelled from your follicle and falls off.

With the right intervals, every procedure carried out using Lutronic Lasers helps minimize the hair amount by around 28%. In the end, you will see permanent hair reduction, temporary hair loss, or slower, lighter, fewer, and thinner re-growth of hair.


As technology improves, laser hair removal becomes moderately priced for patients, and different treatment procedures have been established.

The kind of treatment you will end up with depends on your specific profile, not to mention the type of hair and skin you have.

There is a skill level associated with performing laser hair removal procedures. The experience of a laser expert might as well determine the number of treatment sessions to go for, the discomfort of patients, and how long every session takes. In general, there are five major types of lasers used in the hair removal, including:

  • Diode
  • Ruby
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
  • Nd:YAG
  • Alexandrite

Technological Trends in the Laser Hair Removal

As businesses try to adapt to the new normal and Covid-19 vaccines are being released, people globally have started enjoying their previous luxuries, like salon days and aesthetic treatments meant for relieving anxiety and stress.

An increase in awareness of cosmetic beauty and disposable income has resulted in the rise in consumers’ spending when it comes to personal care, particularly hair removal.

With increased growth in personal grooming and accessible hair products, hair removal is among the lowest barriers to entry in cosmetic beauty treatments for women and men alike.

Currently, hair removal using lasers is one of the most effective cosmetic treatments which many individuals opt for. The increased demand for hair removal procedures is attributed to the effectiveness of laser devices. With the advancement of laser devices, hair removal treatment will effectively minimize the growth of hair by around 93%.


Since men tend to have coarser and thicker hair, removal of hair using a laser is a saving grace due to its capability to nix the growth of hair without causing any chronic irritation, ingrown hairs, or razor burn related to a common method, like sugaring, waxing, and shaving.

Laser effectiveness makes the laser hair removal procedure beneficial. Some of the benefits of laser hair removal include:

  • No downtime
  • Easy and fast treatment
  • Reduces growth of hair permanently

The Bottom Line!

Excessive or unwanted hair might negatively affect an individual’s quality of life and might as well have serious psychological consequences, such as depression and anxiety.

Fortunately, there are several effective ways of removing unwanted hair. So speak to a good healthcare provider in order to advice you accordingly.