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Should You Hire A Bicycle Accident Attorney?

Should You Hire A Bicycle Accident Attorney?

If you’ve ever been in a bicycle accident, then you have suffered injuries or experienced property damage, this makes it legible for you to be reimbursed on resulting costs. In most instances, insurance companies want to pay as little as possible. They use different tactics to discredit, manipulate and confuse you to avoid paying the full claim. Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum, LLP bicycle accident lawyers or any other experienced attorney can help you work out your claim and protect you from been ripped off by insurance agencies.

Now let’s find out why you need to hire a bicycle accident attorney to handle your claims instead of doing it as an individual.

When you might not need to hire a lawyer for your bike accident case

Although it’s advisable to speak to an attorney after your bicycle accident, there some cases where you may benefit from handling it on your own. An attorney works on commission which means they will take a third of your total settlement. If your claim is fairly small and you have the financial capacity to handle medical bills from minor injuries, then it makes financial sense to handle it yourself. It might take up a bit of your time but some claims are more manageable, and you still get a payout without paying a lawyer.

When you need to hire a bicycle accident lawyer to handle your case

Different situations call for different reactions if you suffered from more severe injuries such a concussion or bone fracture you need a lawyer. The costs of serious injuries especially if you need extensive medical treatments like surgery can become expensive quickly. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not happy paying expensive claims, but with a competent attorney, they are ready to combat and overcome manipulative tactics by the insurance agency. An attorney ensures that you are reimbursed for expenses you incur following the accident.

Benefits of hiring a bike accident lawyer

One of the benefits of hiring a bike accident lawyer is the expertise they have in working with insurance companies. Insurance companies are money making thus it’s in their interest to pay as little as possible or not pay at all. Experienced lawyers don’t fall into tricks set out by insurance companies, and when you have representation, it shows you are serious.

A lawyer also means litigation is possible and it’s a costly affair, insurance companies want to save and will definitely want to settle your claim in favorable terms. In addition to handling the technicalities, an attorney can handle your case full time. This means you can leave the legal battle to the lawyer and focus on getting better after the accident.

Finally hiring a bike accident lawyer releases you from the hassle and commitment required to handle your case post-accident. In addition, they can advise and also get you the best settlement without intimidation. Even if your case isn’t ‘big enough’ it doesn’t hurt to ask for legal assistance as payouts can take months or years from your life.