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Signs You Need to Engage a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Signs You Need to Engage a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Getting hurt on the job might not be something that happens every day, but it is important that you are aware of regulations and laws regarding them so you can receive appropriate compensation.

One piece of advice you will find on this topic is regarding hiring a worker’s compensation lawyer. Filing a workers’ compensation claim against your employer can be a daunting and overwhelming process. There is a considerable amount of paperwork, which means you will be dealing with insurance forms, medical bills and other documents while still recovering from an injury. This is the reason why hiring a compensation lawyer early on is highly recommended.

Even though the action stated above is the ideal one to take, some people still choose to work their case themselves. If their injuries are not severe and they have sufficient knowledge about the legal matters regarding claims, they might not face trouble in the initial stages. But there are certain instances that can happen later on and require engaging an attorney from a firm like lawadvice.com.au. Some of these instances are as follows:

  1. Employer refuses to accept claim

While filing the claim, you might get some aggravated resistance from the employer’s side as they refuse to accept the claim. This is a common situation that a sizeable number of victims face. This causes distress and might stretch out the process longer, damaging the case.

A compensation lawyer will have the right legal knowledge to work out what action could be taken to solve this issue.

  1. Employer fires you because of claim

In some situations, resentments against the employee can lead the employer to be biased and fire the employee because they filed a claim against them. This situation is considered as a personal attack against the employee and is cause for legal action.

An attorney will use this instance to further solidify your case and carve out a way where you end with a compensation you deserve.

  1. Employer discriminates against you because of your claim

While firing an employee who filed a claim is a harsh way of retaliating, discrimination against them is subtle. This way the employer doesn’t call attention to their actions directly and direct their aggravation against the victim without notice.

You might not be able to recognize and use this action against the employer but an attorney will know how to proceed legally and ensure that you don’t face discrimination later on.

  1. Employer does not let you return to work on suitable duties

The Return to Work Act allows an injured victim to apply to their employer for a more suitable employment within the company. The employer, in turn, must comply and provide the employee suitable duties unless their reason is in alignment with situations stated in the Act that exempt them from doing so.

But if the employer is denying this right on unlawful terms, a worker’s compensation lawyer will find out the right way to approach the case and take appropriate action.

If any of these signs make an appearance in your case, hiring a worker’s compensation lawyer is the right course of action to win a claim that provides the most benefits.