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Traditionally, Tata Motors focused on full-sized UVs such as Hexa and Safari, Compact Sedans such as the Bolt, Tigo, Zest and Tiago. In the past, Tata Cars did not do much in developing a crossover SUV, but with the deployment of the Nexon, they have rewritten their history.

The Nexon is not based on a conventional platform such as the Tigo or Tiago. It uses the old X1 platform that also includes the Bolt and Zest. Reportedly, Tata cars are developing a modular platform for their future vehicles. Although Nexon is based on the Zest and Bolt X1 platform, its parts have not been carried over. Tata Motors have slowly worked on the model and unlike other models; it is not just a hatchback’s cross version. There is more to it. At first glance, its design resembles a hatchback crossover and just like the typical urban SUV; it has a raised stance, including the black plastic cover and the roof rails.  Besides these features, the vehicle has muscular bumpers with black fittings, large wheels, full wheel arches, and wide tires.

This time, Tata Motors have stood out. The company has tried to differentiate the Nexon from the many urban SUVs with a funky design. Instead of the conventional, box squared compact SUV; Tata incorporated unique features such as the sloping coupe-like roofline an angles rear, a heavily raked front windshield, and a short front bonnet. Above all, there is some interesting fitting such as the thick white ceramic finished baseline. These aspects increase Nexon’s road presence, and it stands out in traffic. However, most people have a polarized opinion; they either love it or hate it. A lot of people don’t like the rear especially the style at the side. However, Tata prefers to risk the polarized opinion for the sake of uniqueness.

Nexon is Tata’s fourth car to sort the company’s impact on design language. The car’s front end is the design’s most traditional aspect compared to the sloping hood, a thick, glossy black honeycomb, sweptback headlamps, and a bright mesh grille. There is a chrome strip running under the headlights and grille. The round fog lamps are housed in black holsters with thick white borders along the sides and lower edges. Tata uniquely uses white which is uncommon.

  Nexon’s side has some unique design features. It has a thicker look, owing to the flared wheel arches and the black covers. The thick beltline with the white ceramic finishing, however, stands out more especially due to the sloping roof ending with a thick C-pillar giving it a free design. The rear is no exception.  The tail lamps have the white ceramic finishing wrapped around. The white ceramic finishing runs across the rear’s width forming an X design which is similar to the car’s concept. The small windshield has a roof-mounted spoiler, and below the white border, there is a thick and black glossy insert in the tailgate. The car has a higher rear bumper with a massive black insert that reflects on both sides. Tata motors intentionally used these distinctive designs to stand out.  Had Tata motors deployed a traditionally designed Nexon, it would have drowned with the other cars in its segments, in the highly competitive market.