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Things to Consider Before Hiring Moving Services

Things to Consider Before Hiring Moving Services

With hundreds of moving companies in Canada, it is impossible to think that nothing goes wrong, without any issue whatsoever. Daily you come to know about scams related with the movers and in this scenario hiring quality movers can be an overwhelming task. They can show you license and all the documents but still there are shoddy practices and scams. So it becomes important that you should be well informed before you take the final decision of hiring any of the available movers in Toronto:

  1. Inspection of Inventory: Any reputed moving services will send a person to take the inventory of the items to be moved so that they can determine the size and weight of all the items to give you a proper estimate. The person from the company should check all the storage spaces like cupboards, garages, drawers etc. The quote of available movers in Toronto will depend largely on the weight of your belongings and how much space they take up in the truck. It is important that you should understand the estimate properly.
  2. Get References about Movers: If you are not able to get referrals from your friends and relatives, you can get a list of available movers in Toronto from BBB (Better Business Bureau). Also ask all those movers you have short-listed about the references of at least three people they have served in the last couple of months. Get their phone numbers and call them to find out if they are happy with the moving company’s services. Also read best movers Toronto reviews online to get an understanding about the company.
  3. History of the Company: Try to find out how long the moving company is in this line and also if they are located in the same office for years. The other important thing to find out is that if the company is changing its name very often. Ask them to show you their license and insurance policy documents. All these things about available movers in Toronto are important to find out as the movers will be taking control of your possessions. By going through best movers Toronto reviews you will also come to know if any person has posted any complaints about the company.
  4. Say no to Large Deposit: Any reputed available movers in Toronto will never demand for large amount or cash deposit. You need to pay them only after the move is complete. Once you pay a large amount, you don’t have any control over your belongings if they get missed during the transition. Also ask the mover about the payment method as paying be credit card is safer in terms if any fraudulent activity happens from the mover side.
  5. Hidden-fee: When the mover gives you an estimate, take everything in writing. Ensure that the quote given by the mover is final and there will not be any last minute fee or any hidden fee once you arrive at the destination. Agree on a full package including whatever you need such as packing material, packing, unpacking etc.

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