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What Is a Food or Drink Cart?

What Is a Food or Drink Cart?

A food or drink cart is simply a mobile service operation that usually offers a range of food or drinks to its walk-up customers. It is also often referred to as a mobile kitchen, a food booth, or a drink kiosk. This kind of street food is a well-known tradition in many cities around the world and over the past couple of decades been rapidly spreading to other locations because of its convenience factor. Plus, the fact that it often presents a wonderful way to get local, relatively cheaper food and drinks than visiting a chain or a fast food restaurant. This kind of cart can be self-propelled, as in a food truck, or it can be hauled by another vehicle.

In some cases, a cart will only offer one particular type of food or drink. For example, a taco truck is a somewhat popular kind of food cart that offers customers one very specific food, although in a number of contrasting creations or combinations. Others may offer up a few different types of food or drinks, something more like a rolling restaurant or café bakery than a basic hot dog stand. Carts exist for any meal or drink of the day, with the food ones providing variations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can find Coffee Carts for Sale with a simple bit of research online.

Part of the Culture

In many places, carts have now become an essential part of street culture, with people even going on food cart “tours” to go around and visit the different options certain areas have to offer, or even going on late-night searches to find the changing locations of favoured carts! A cart can offer someone an excellent and lucrative business idea. The operating costs are not expensive, and only require the purchase of the cart, the ingredients for preparing whatever you wish to offer, and sometimes paying a limited staff.

Most places will also require you to purchase a license, and as long as you provide the required standard of hygiene, there are no problems. Some carts can also do business on late-night customers, especially in a city, parking outside of bars or clubs. This can allow them to find regular customers without a great deal of advertising costs or effort.

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Also, some couples have even had all kinds of carts cater for their wedding. Often referred to as mobile catering, this simply allows the carts to arrive at a wedding, and let guests make their own selections. This has become a more popular option for such casual, outdoor events and is not only limited to weddings, either. And what an easy way to ensure a great form of convenient catering and then an easy clean-up solution for any type of large party or business event!

Whatever kind of business you wish to do with a cart, think it through and talk to the professionals, give it your best and make it work! Good luck!