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Why is Vietnamese Food Special?

Why is Vietnamese Food Special?

Vietnamese food has become very popular, with most people trying out the various restaurants in London. The food is filled with a sweet smell that is very attractive. Each of the ingredients brings out its joy and makes the food a great meal to have. Once you try eating the food, you will discover the numerous reasons that make Vietnamese food very special.

Balanced tastes

Vietnamese food is not made to be all spicy and hot. Rather, it is made with a balance of sweet, sour, bitter, and spicy tastes. This gives the dish a complex flavour that will linger in your mouth for a long time. The tastes are well balanced, and you cannot pick out what makes the overall taste.

Fresh light food

Most of the food served in other restaurants is very oily. Some of the ingredients are not as fresh; on the other hand, Vietnamese food is very light, since their soup is not oily. This makes the food light, and very suitable for anyone intending to lose weight. The freshness of the ingredients is a necessity. This is to ensure the flavours are rich. The purchasing of ingredients is done in fresh food markets.


The invigorating taste of Vietnamese food is mainly derived from the numerous natural herbs used when making the food. A mixture of herbs is used, to have a brilliant outcome. The herbs mainly include cilantro, basil, mint, lime leaf, lemongrass, turmeric, ginger, tamarind pulp, green onion and perilla leaf, among others.

Traditional tasting food

Every dish that is prepared in a Vietnamese restaurant in London has been made traditionally. This includes the cooking methods and ingredients. It gives the food a taste that is very desirable. The traditional taste of the food is also a plus, which makes Vietnamese food unique. To attain this, they use the traditional variety of ingredients that include meat, fish, and vegetables. A dish that is culturally prepared gives it a cultural richness.

Health benefits

Vietnamese food is loaded with multiple health benefits. With the ingredients used and the cooking methods, it helps to lose weight. The food is also filled with vitamins and nutrients necessary for the body. When you think of changing your lifestyle, you can opt for Vietnamese food. It includes a lot of fresh foods and vegetables that help to nourish your body.

No more wondering what makes Vietnamese food special. You can enjoy eating out at a London restaurant near you. You can have your family along, as the meals are healthy, and can be eaten by children. Make Vietnamese food your best friend and you can easily better your health and enjoy eating from a traditional Vietnamese pot. Enjoy the various herbs, in place of spicy foods.

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