Home Tech All You Need To Know About QNAP NAS Recovery

All You Need To Know About QNAP NAS Recovery

All You Need To Know About QNAP NAS Recovery

The NAS or Network Attached Storage of QNAP is the systems, which include one or more hard drives that are connected to the web constantly. The NAS drives of QNAP are famous NAS cloud drive for both business and home users that store or back up the important media and files like as videos, photos, documents, and music files.

The NAS devices also occupy the space between the servers and external hard drives and these devices also perform really well. These devices are mainly plugged into the router and therefore the data is channeled into the laptop or computer. The NAS may be considered like as a simple device from outside, but there are a number of things that go inside it.

But there are a number of situations where some unexpected accidents can take place like corruption or disk formatting, file deletion or a system crash and therefore the data can get damaged, inaccessible or erased. While this happens, it is actually possible to recover all the lost or damaged data from the QNAP NAS recovery service.

What can be done with QNAP NAS recovery service?

  1. Database backup: The database backup service helps to recover, take backup and get replication or cloning of various types of databases to protect the environment with on-time failover in case the database goes down. So, with this service, it is possible to protect the database and makes it ready for the recovery action whenever required to ensure 24/7 service uptime.
  2. File backup: With database backup, it is possible to get a proper data recovery and backup solution along with streamlined data protection service. In fact, this service supports both block-level back-ups for improving the operational efficiency and scheduled backup for easier management. With this service, it is also possible to obtain long-term data to the secondary storage to free up more space on the client-servers or primary storage. This thing, therefore, helps to optimize storage resources all around the company.
  3. VM backup: This service supports taking the backup of virtual machines by taking the help of different enterprise virtualization. This service also allows effective VM migration, provisioning, archiving, retirement and disaster recovery. With the help of de-duplication, it is possible to greatly reduce the VM backup time while eliminating duplicate blocks of data. It allows the companies to optimize the use of storage as well as to decrease the network traffic with better efficiency of resources.

What to do and not to do for recovering QNAP NAS data successfully?

Firstly, never install anything on the NAS devices. Secondly, avoid rebuilding or rebooting the QNAP NAS and Last but not the least make sure you have shut down the NAS unit in case of any failure.