Home Law Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for EEA Permanent Residence

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for EEA Permanent Residence

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for EEA Permanent Residence

For those looking to permanently move to the UK and start a life there, obtaining an EEA permanent residence card is the goal and will require a great deal of effort and documentation to achieve. That said, there are ways that you may reduce the stress and frustration involved while also increasing your chances of approval from the start, including simply paying mind that your information is accurate and true and hiring an expert to help you along. The men and women who apply for permanent residence often make a number of the same mistakes and looking at some of these may help you to avoid making them on your own application.

Misleading or Inconsistent

You absolutely must be truthful and consistent when answering all relevant questions asked on the application and any misleading half-truths or inconsistencies may result in a denial for the card. Although there are some who purposefully provide misleading or false information, the truth is that the majority make simple mistakes such as forgetting to mention a previous failed application or any other relevant information. Not only must you check and check again that all information that is true and relevant is provided but you must do so to avoid any damage caused to further application attempts if this attempt should fail.

Hire a Solicitor

Once you know that you are qualified to apply for permanent residency, it is time for you to contact EEA permanent residence solicitors in London for their help and support through the application process. These men and women are dedicated to providing expert help for your situation and understand all relevant laws, regulations, and more associated with the application so that you have a much reduced risk of making a mistake. In addition, these legal experts will know what documentation you need, which information is most important and cannot be withheld, and who to contact to complete each aspect of the project fully and correctly.

This legal support will dramatically improve your chance of approval after the first application and this will potentially help you to save months or even years of hard work by avoiding the need to start over again. That said, it is a fact that many do not call on a solicitor’s aid until after their first denial of EEA permanent residence and a professional solicitor will help you to discover exactly why you did not receive approval and how to make corrections for future applications. To avoid this frustration altogether, you make a decision in your best interests by simply hiring a professional from the start to help you along with the process.


There are a number of mandatory supporting documents and immigration rules are often exceptionally strict and will cause trouble if you fail to provide even one important document. Failure to provide any specified document may result in significant administrative delays or even denial of your application, which is why you need professionals on hand to ensure that your application is truly complete with all necessary documents included. Their work will more than be worth the cost of their service, especially when you consider the months or years of your time saved.