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Things You Need to Do First When Acussed of a DUI

Things You Need to Do First When Acussed of a DUI

Being accused of a DUI offense often causes a lot of anxiety and anger. Such emotions might impair your ability to think clearly and make wise decisions, leading to more problems. Here are the first five things you need to do to be on the safer side.

Record All the Details

You need to write down everything related to the event. Such details are important because they will determine whether you will win or lose the case. Jot down everything you can remember, from the moment you were stopped to the time you went to the police station. Do it as soon as possible, or your memory will fade away. The details should include the time you were stopped, where the incident occurred and the number of witnesses. You must also include the type of breath test administered and what the police officer told you.

Find Witnesses

You have to look for witnesses to help you get enough information on what actually transpired. Begin by noting down the details of the people at the scene. This could be your own passenger, other drivers, bartender, the victim or even the police officer. Get their names, phone numbers and home addresses. You can also talk to an expert witness. An expert witness is trained to tell the jury about the technical aspect of your case. He can identify errors in the procedure of the officer involved in your case and the investigations, helping you to build a stronger defense in court.

Hire a Good DUI Lawyer

DUI cases have severe penalties that can land you in jail or damage your reputation. You need to hire a lawyer to defend you in court. A lawyer will examine all the facts about the case and formulate a strong defense strategy. He will work closely with the witnesses to get more information and identify potential loopholes that might jeopardize your case. You can go to http://russellandhill.com/ to learn more about how a DUI lawyer can help you.

Check Your Social Media Profile

Prosecutors are trained to be thorough in what they do. Some of them will even go to your Facebook or Twitter account to look for incriminating photos and posts to use against you. Your posts, especially if presented out of context, can damage your reputation and make the jury turn against you, even if you are innocent. It is advisable you check your social media accounts and delete any post or photo that seems incriminating. You can also mark your profile as private to lock out any unauthorized access.


A DUI case has several consequences that can change your life for the worse. However, this does not mean you have to spend sleepless nights worrying about the outcome of your case. Get a good lawyer to fight for you and relax. You can ask for referrals from those who have had a previous experience with a DUI attorney. You can also search your local bar association’s website for the names of most qualified DUI lawyers in your state.